Modern style food shop design ice cream work counter

If you want to start a food business and have enough budget then you can open a restaurant. To open a food shop, the most important part is the work counter. About the design of this work counter needs to fit with your whole shop style and make it suitable for your staff to work.

Our company can send you many ice cream food shop designs and then you can check it for your reference. We can also provide a customize ice cream store design to you. Now let us see a modern style ice cream shop design first.



The whole ice cream shop style is a modern design. It has a big food kiosk in the middle of the ice cream shop. The material is wooden strip and white color tiles. About the design of this area, we can make it according to your requirement.

We can arrange the layout depending on the equipment list. You can send us the size and the picture of each piece of equipment then we put them on the 3D design. Meanwhile, we will leave enough space for the equipment.

On the top of the ice cream food shop work counter, we make a metal frame that can put the menu here. The customer can see and choose what they want. On the back wall has some display cabinets to display some foods and drinks.

And another important part is the seating area. A long dining table with some chairs, on the outside, has some area for 2-4 people to sit. Need to make several ways of the seating area.


For an ice cream shop design, we will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. It is according to your shop size, 30-100 square meters charge 500$, 100-150 square meters charge 800$ and 150-200 square meters charge 1000$.

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