Professional ice cream shop design gelato food counter

If you want the sales of your ice cream shop to be good, in addition to good taste, your shop decoration should be attractive enough. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are paying more and more attention to the decoration design of ice cream shops.

Many ice cream shops with good decoration appear on the street, attracting many customers to buy and taste. If you are still distressed for decoration, it is better to have a look at the decoration knowledge of ice cream shop with us. Hoping to help you.



The whole ice cream shop is purple with white color. It has a small L shape ice cream counter and the back side with the shop logo. The ice cream counter is not too big, about 2m long.

It has an ice cream display machine and a small cashier area on the right side. The seating area of the ice cream shop is also purple and white color.


We can make the shop design with your favorite style. You can send the floor plan or shop layout to us. Our designer will make it in the 3d model and put the furniture inside to see the effect. Usually, for an ice cream shop, we need a work counter with a cashier area together.

Another important part is the dining area for the customers. We need to make the area suitable for 2 people, 4 people or for more people. And the furniture needs to match the whole ice cream shop style.


We will send the ice cream shop furniture to you by sea. When it arrives at the port, you can arrange a truck to pick it up. And do the customs clearance and pay the import tax.

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