Customize ice cream shop furniture 3D food counter design

With the arrival of the hot summer, more and more ice cream shops appear in the streets. In order to achieve the sales of ice cream shops with good taste, the decoration of the shops should be able to attract customers.

So what is the style of ice cream shop decoration? Here we can share with you some tips for the ice cream shop design. Let us check an ice cream shop design first.



A good ice cream shop design is really important for you to attract more people. An ice cream shop needs a work counter, some seating area for the customer. On the wall, we can put some posters for decoration.

The most important is the ice cream counter design. It needs to match the whole shop style and add your brand logo to the design. For the size of the ice cream counter, we can do customized. So you can send us the floor plan or the size of your shop. We can make the design according to your shop size.

On the back of the ice cream counter can make a storage cabinet. You can put the water sink on the back cabinet, and put the equipment machine on the countertop. On the back wall can make some shelves to put some tools. For the material of the countertop, we can use man-made stone or stainless steel, both waterproof.



For the customized 3D design with your shop size will charge a 500-1000USD design deposit. Our design team can make it with the shop style you want. And then we will send it to you and check if need any changes. Any revision of the shop design is for free.

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