How To Design A Clothing Store?

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Clever and personalized words will attract more customers to come, in the style to capture people’s feeling, if it is more unique can attract customers’ attention, in the style of the brand new will bring out of the ordinary effect. The design of the clothing store pays attention to decent and generous, capture the first visual impression of customers, that is spacious and bright. If the womenswear in the store can resonate with more young women, it will be welcomed and sought after by customers in the design and decoration. If you have any problems with the decoration design, please feel free to contact us.

Which design style is more good looking?

Simple and generous will be more good looking. If you want to appear more luxurious, then the clothing store to the direction of delicate design, want a more natural atmosphere, of course, shiny for a long time will produce visual fatigue. Simple style will be more suitable, you can add color collocation in simple style, will make the clothing store add a different design style, simple with light color system is simple and generous. Of course, how to decorate the style of each person has his own opinion, which depends on different people’s views on things and interests are not the same, style color often subjective decision lies in their own, can also be combined with the needs of clothing stores for design.

5 Steps to start a clothing store

  • Market research

Doing clothing store at the beginning of the design scheme, it is necessary to understand the market, clear business and geographical environment around the shops and the store target consumer lifestyles and consumption trends, age structure and the consumption preference, etc.

  • Market orientation

Different types of consumers for the style of clothing tends to have different preferences, clothing store image of style, space planning, the use of equipment and props. The lighting performance techniques need to be clear, and conform to the clothing product positioning of the target group, to ensure that the clothing brand and clothing shops to form unified fundamental key.

  • The design scheme

Designers who want to express their intentions, must grasp the drawing technique. Continue to use the drawing standards of interior design, the application perspective, floor plan, end face, elevation and axonometric drawing design or effect. Present design content includes: move line and function, space, color, lighting, need to show the walls, doors and Windows, entrances, stairs, channels, the fitting room, cashier, furnishings, and recreational area furniture and decoration, etc.

  • Budget

Clothing store design and decoration fee is a lot of money, whether it is a large clothing store or a small clothing store, clothing store design before all need financial budget. But when making financial budget tend to ignore some factors, such as the window of the paint, coating and craftsmen cost need to be taken into account, so the design of the final cost will be more than expected. Creative is never use money pyramiding, a shrewd merchant, will often go on the economical and effective solution for clothing design.

  • Take action

When the designer to complete the conception, often combined with the company’s budget, plan to do fully discussed, including the designing idea and retail store image, target customers, product combination, the matching of service, the types of retail location, etc. On budget adjustment part design, so as to determine the implementation plan.

Choose a kind of suitable clothing display shelf

Pay attention to every detail, this is the business need to have, responsible for the display of goods clothing store shelves is one of the important details. The stores of clothing stores in order to adapt to the new situation, improve their competitiveness, they need to make a good choice on the clothing shelves, what kind of shelves to choose? What kind of shelves are more suitable for their clothing stores?

Reasonable use of shelves can make the appearance of the store take on a new look, through the emotional display of clothing, stimulate and strengthen the determination of customers to buy. But also the sales clerk to provide customers with a high standard of service of the basic business facilities. Therefore, the design of shelves should be able to form the effect of easy sales, adjustment and management.

Clothing stores can choose widely used steel shelves or some regular shelves, such shelves are actually very suitable in any store. Although there is no too dazzling element, let the shelf become eye-catching, in fact, it is such a shelf will not be outdated as the circulation of time, as well as any change in clothing style and color, it can be very collocation. Not only match up with each other, the number of clothes can be displayed is also relatively large, for small stores to choose such a clothing shelf is very appropriate, will also improve the grade of clothing stores. 

The number of shelves can be determined according to the size of the store space, coordinated with the width of the main channel and the secondary channel to ensure the smooth flow of customers. The shape of clothing shelves should be basically unified, to ensure the consistency of size, material and form characteristics, so that the store and the overall space, shelves to form a neat and orderly shopping environment.

Ceiling design: ceiling can create indoor aesthetic feeling, but also to match the space design, lighting, form a beautiful shopping environment. So, the ceiling must have the modern feeling, can show individual glamour, pay attention to integral collocation, make colour elegant feeling.

Wall design mainly includes wall adornment material and color selection, the use of wall. The walls of the store design should be coordinated with the color content for display, and suitable to the environment, image store. Can generally on the wall mounted cabinets, displays, install some simple equipment, can put part of the dress, also can be used as a commodity for furnishings or decoration.

Floor design mainly includes floor decoration materials and the choice of the color, and graphic design the floor. Clothing stores according to the different kinds to choose graphics. Generally speaking, women’s clothing store should use circle, elliptic, fan and geometric curved shape curve combination pattern. Menswear store should use square, rectangle, polygon, etc. A straight line.

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