5 Tips For The Toy Store Design

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Toy store decoration is not only to improve the image of the store but also to use decoration to attract the attention of customers and improve the sales of toys at the same time. Therefore, in order to give consumers a good first impression, the decoration design of the toy store is crucial, so that customers feel bright when they see the toy store, and they can have the potential desire to consume when they pass by. The decoration design of a toy store mainly includes exterior decoration design, interior and exterior decoration design, logo design, window design and external lighting design. Each part is an important link in the external decoration of the toy store, which is closely linked to make the design of toy store reach a high level.

1. The appearance design is the overall feeling of the appearance of the toy store, also reflects the grade of the toy store, and can reflect the personality of the toy store. So we should pay attention to grasp the self style in the decoration design, and conform to the overall positioning of the appearance and decoration of the toy store. From the overall style, the appearance of toy store decoration design mostly with modern style.

Because the appearance of modern style gives people a sense of The Times, it has a motivating effect on consumers who feel stronger most of the time. If the toy store is a business district, the nearby mall is generally modern. To be in harmony with them. And the modern style of the store let a person have a fresh feeling, and the modern high-speed harmony with the society, also reflects the trend of toys.

2. The logo design in a good name, it is necessary to consider the brand logo design and installation, must be novel, eye-catching, concise, beautiful and generous, and can attract the attention of customers. Because the brand name itself has a special advertising significance. So, the logo needs to be set up so that customers or pedestrians can see the toy shop sign more clearly from a distance or from many angles, and should match the rainbow light sign in the evening.

In general, the logo design and decoration should consider the following points: the form of the logo, the form of the logo, specifications and installation, should strive to diversify and differentiate. Not only to be clear and visible but also combined with the toy store design, to give a perfect appearance image. There are a variety of identification materials: wood, stone, and metal materials. The installation mode of the sign can be vertical, wall hanging can also be suspended, and can also be directly set on the exterior wall decoration.

Signs of content: for many small and medium-sized toy store, the signature on the production and use of, should be the content can directly reflect the toy shop management shall prevail. Make consistent with the contents of image or graphics, can enhance brand appeal directly. Due to the business scope of the toy shop can take different types of signs. Children’s toy store should choose lovely feeling strong brand, and the color of the trademark to striking, to attract the child’s eyes. Cartoon toy store more familiar cartoon image as the main content of the brand, can reflect cartoon toy store more types of business.

3. The portal design product characteristics and security management factors. If the design is not reasonable, it will cause traffic congestion, thereby affecting sales. If the store rules change, the entrance and exit are generally on the same side, in order to prevent too wide for customers to walk out, the left corner. Many irregular stores are to consider the internal conditions, the design is more difficult. The door design should be open, too closed environment will make guests feel uncomfortable.

4. Shop window design

Shop window part of the overall decoration is not only the appearance, and is the first exhibition hall, shop to toy stores operating mainly sales of goods, use opportunely scenery and props, decorated with background images for the foil, with appropriate lighting, colour and captions, commodities introduction and promotion of comprehensive advertising art form. Consumers before entering the shop, want to inadvertently viewing window, so, the design of the window and propaganda has important influence on consumer buying mood.

The design of the window, the first thing to highlight the characteristics of goods, at the same time can make the window dressing and an introduction to the toy conforms to the general consumer’s psychological behavior that is for consumers to see beauty, comfort, good feeling and look forward to the mood. A good window dressing can rise to introduce goods, the role of guiding consumption to promote sales, but also become the art of shop front to attract people passing by.

5. External lighting design

The exterior lighting here mainly refers to the artificial light source, USES reasonable color is tie-in, not only can illuminate the store and store environment, and can render the store atmosphere, foil environment, increase the formal beauty shop facade. External lighting mainly includes the following several parts: Placard lighting: the brand of bright eye-catching, typically by heavy rainbow lamp decoration do rainbow lights illuminated signs, not only has increased the visibility of the shop during the night.

At the same time, to produce lively and cheerful atmosphere. Wide rainbow lamp decoration must be novel, unique, can be designed into various shapes, use a variety of colors. In order to make the placard, general with monochromatic light color and strong visual impact such as red, green, white is given priority to, concise, lively, bold. Sometimes, the clever change and flashing lights or complementary with dynamic structure of the font, can generate dynamic feeling, this kind of lighting can active atmosphere, more attractive, good psychological effect can be received.

  • The external lighting design External lighting here mainly refers to artificial light source, the use of reasonable color collocation, not only can illuminate the store and the store environment, but also can render the store atmosphere, foil the environment, increase the formal appearance of the store.
  • Outdoor lighting mainly includes the following parts: Sign lighting: Brands are bright and eye-catching, often using heavy rainbow light decorations to increase the visibility of the shop at night. At the same time, to produce a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Rainbow light rope light decorations can be designed in a variety of shapes and colors. Take the poster as an example, the general monochrome light color and red, green, white and other colors with strong visual impact, simple and lively.

Lighting: the window with the appropriate dome light and the Angle of the light, can not only play a lighting effect, but also can make the original color window produces dramatic change, give a person with novelty. Window lighting is not only to the United States, at the same time also must satisfy the goods visual appeal. The brightness of the shop must be 2 ~ 4 times higher than stores, but should not be used too strong light, the contrast between light color, unfavorable also is too big, light movement, exchange, scintillation not too fast or too intense, or consumers will be dazzling, strong stimulation caused uncomfortable feeling. Lighting requirements color soft, rich emotional appeal. At the same time, also can be used under the lamp, chandeliers and other decorative lighting, emphasizing the commodity characteristics, on the basis of the true colors reflect the goods as soon as possible, give a person with good psychological impression.

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