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The clothing store is easily found everywhere in the street. Clothes are a must for people to wear daily. With the improvement of people’s aesthetics, more and more people like to pursue fashionable clothes. It has great development prospects. Today, I want to share a high-end clothing store design with you. It can be combined with clothing displays to achieve good results.

How to decorate a clothing store?

The decoration of a clothing store is a very profound knowledge, which can not only reflect the taste of the owner but also highlight the charm of the clothing. In the decoration of clothing stores, the most important thing is to create a clean and bright display environment, and the decoration will not be too complicated, which will distract customers. Below, we will learn how to do a good job in the decoration of clothing stores.

Clothing store decoration must focus on four aspects:

First, the color. Different colors can bring different decorative effects to the shop. So you need to consider the color that matches the store. For example, pink, yellow, and white are used in women’s clothing stores to attract attention; while men’s clothing stores generally use blue, black, gray, etc. to create commercial style

Second, lighting. Clothing stores generally use white lights to decorate. This can make the shop look more conspicuous and brighter. And you can also use warm light to create a warm atmosphere. And the use of lights can make clothes look better.

Third, the door. Glass door can not only present the clothing to customers before entering your store. This is not only safe but also can attract more customers to buy. Of course, if your shop style is retro, it is recommended that the door match it.

Fourth, appearance and passage of the store. As long as your shop is attractive enough and the clothes are cost-effective, I believe you will win many old customers. Because most consumers choose to buy because of the store appearance. In addition, the width of the aisle is moderate, so that your store does not look too crowded and allows customers to choose freely

Finally, the background of the corporate image and the location of POP advertisements. The brand name is very important for a retail clothing shop. People can know your company well through the logo. And the advertising show discount, new product, etc.

A clothing display rack can also make the store looks good. Good decoration can make your shop more eye-catching and gain customers. Here is an example to show you how it decorates in real life.

Description of clothing shop design

As entering the shop, we can see there are wall display racks to hang the clothing. People can select conveniently because each display rack displays the same or similar styles. It is also convenient for the clerk to organize them into categories. The main color is black with a golden finish display rack. The reception desk set on the right side, clients can check out there. On the center is a wooden display table, you can put promote items and attractive products here. So people can take away easily when pay bills. The backside is the locker room. The light strip and spotlight on the top bright the shop and clothing. You can also add locked drawers for storage.

3D design picture show

clothing shop men clothes store design clothing display rack

More information:

  • Color: Wooden color or another color you like
  • Size: 40 sqm or match your shop size
  • Main material: Plywood and stainless steel
  • Surface material: Solid wood, veneer, laminate, etc. You can choose materials to make the kiosk.
  • Display rack surface: Gloden baking paint or powder coating as you want.
  • Other materials: Light strip, spotlight, tempered glass, locks, etc.
  • Design time: 2-3 days
  • Production time: 25-28 days

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to share more information with you

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