Wooden Display Rack Clothing Store Furniture for Sale

clothing store display

Clothing stores become popular in recent years. Because it is a profitable business, especially for women’s clothing stores. Don’t ignore clothing shop decoration and display fixtures, they can highlight your shop and clothes. Here is a nice clothing store decoration sharing with you.

Description of clothing store furniture

This clothing store furniture is designed for a clothing store that is inside the shopping center. It includes a wall display rack, display shelving, mannequins, and a reception desk. We can also leave space for the dressing room, people can try on clothes.

clothing shop furnitureDisplay rack

We can see there is a wooden display rack next to the wall. You can hang differnet kinds of clothing here for clients to purchase. There are display racks in the middle area of the store. It can increase the display showcase area. When we set counters in the store, that can also increase the storage area.

clothing shop designReception desk

The reception desk set at the back wall has a business name on the counter body. It’s in white we can also use it as a bill counter. Behind has, drawers can cabinets used as a storage area.

Advertising poster

The advertising posters attach to the wall, can show trendy clothing and guide people to buy clothes. We can also add TV players to the clothing store.

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Clothing store furnitureclothing shop furniture