Gloden Metal Style Clothing Store Furniture Display Rack for Sale

clothing store display

There are many clothing store decorations, before you open a clothing store, determining a shop style is very important. It will attract target customers with the same taste as your store. That will not only increase sales but also help to gain more quality loyal customers. Today, I want to share a nice clothing store furniture with you.

Description of clothing store furniture

This clothing store’s main tone is golden metal, creating a high-end shop theme. It can also increase the added value of your products. Wall use white gree tile decoration and stairs in black color, simple and modern effect.

clothing store displayDisplay rack

This clothing store has many display racks and cabinets, you can hang all kinds of clothes directly. Upon the display rack having a plate, we can add photo decoration and small items to attract people. Besides, you can also set different sizes of clothing here, poeple can find suitable clothing well.

clothing display rack

Sales window

There are a lot of shop windows, they all have arched door decorations and they look very unique. We can display golden mannequins in front of each window, and people can see the style of clothes when they pass by, which can increase the probability of customers entering the store.

Reception desk & room divider

The reception desk is an L shape counter with golden and black decorations. It not only used for reception poeple but also checking bills. In front of the reception desk is a sofa with a small round table. Accompany person can sit down when clients try on clothes. The waiting area has hollow-out golden metal room divider decorations.

Dressing room

Changing rooms is very important for clothing stores. However, if you don’t arrange a separate room, you can reserve a space with a slide cover for customer privacy. The mirror is very important, don’t forget to add more mirrors in your clothing shop.

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