Metal and Wooden Clothing Store Furniture Display Rack for Sale

clothing store displayDecoration and shop style are very important to the clothing store. Lighting and clothing store design can help you well. As we all know, people like shopping in good-looking shops. You can create a simple and warm store design, fashion, and high-end women’s clothing shop. Here is a clothing store furniture sharing with you.

Description of clothing store furniture

This clothing store furniture includes wall cabinets, a center display rack, and a reception counter. We can also add large advertising posters. The brand image wall is also important to show your company sign.

clothing display rackWall cabinets

Wall cabinets are important in the clothing store. It can make the clothing store look better and can also show more products. Each cabinet has open shelving at the top, you can place hats and shoes. And the bottom is used to hang clothing for clients’ selection.

Display rack

There are display racks in the middle of the shop, you can hang T-shirts, skirts, and pans here. The main material is metal with a base support, more load-bearing, and able to display more clothes. We can choose suitable display rack sizes and styles that fit your shop well.

wall cabinetReception counter

The reception counter has a wooden bar decoration, it has a white stone countertop. Looks attractive and high-level shop theme. While the back wall has a large advertising poster, that reminds people to buy clothes and hats directly

We can see there are mannequins in front of the glass window. It’s a good idea to promote popular clothes and outfits.

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