High-End Golden Clothing Store Furniture Wall Cabinet for Sale

clothing store furniture

Are you looking for high-end golden clothing store furniture? Usually, dark and gray color clothing store decorations use to sell man’s clothes. That looks high-end and makes the shop outstanding. Here is a nice clothing store decoration with you.

Description of clothing store furniture

The clothing store furniture includes wall cabinets, a display rack, a display table in the center, cashier counter. We can also attach the business logo and posters to the wall.

clothes display rackWall cabinets

With the wall cabinets set near the wall, we can hang clothes store in two layers. The top display is mainly used to display the cloth. Guests can see them, and the bottom display is mainly for customers to choose from. There is a golden color on the backlit, which makes the cabinets look attractive. The wall cabinets have multiple shelving with golden metal decorations.

clothing shop furnitureReception desk

There is a black reception desk in the clothing store, that can serve clients and use for paying cash. The middle has white decoration, your business logo can also attach here.

Display rack

Display racks are set everywhere in the clothing store. It can show more clothes in different styles, that allow poeple to purchase their favorite suits. It’s also a good choice to set see-through display shelving, each layer can place more clothes.

Lighting decoration

The chandelier and ceiling light makes the clothing store looks good. Warm light highly matches the golden metal to create a warm atmosphere. We can also use a spotlight with a rail to highlight the clothes.

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