Fashion women’s clothing store design stainless steel display rack

Nowadays, there are many women’s clothing stores, and usually, girls choose things that are very particular about the environment and atmosphere, so the decoration design of women’s clothing stores is different from that of men’s clothing stores.

Women’s clothing stores should not only be fashionable but also have a good store image. Women’s clothing stores need skills to attract customers. How do operators carry out women’s dress shop decoration designs to attract women’s eyeballs?



Lighting design for women’s clothing store

In the decoration design of women’s clothing stores, “good lighting” has been listed as one of the most important environmental factors by consumers. In the decoration design of women’s clothing stores, such as the ceiling, fitting rooms, display cases, window, lamp and other places will have lights, which mainly play the role of setting off products and rendering store atmosphere.

Clothing display rack design

The clothing shelves are one of the main facilities for displaying, displaying and selling goods. So the clothing display rack design requirements not only practical, convenient, firm, easy to operate, and easy to consume each visit. But also to adapt to the different requirements of various women’s wear. It is mainly the choice of the material and shape of the clothing display rack.

Normal clothing display shelves for square, global display goods and placement. But the abnormity of the clothing display shelves will change its dull and monotonous image, add lively line changes. So that the store shows the meaning of the curve. Special-shaped cabinet rack has a triangle, trapezoid, semicircle, and polygon, etc.

Look at the display rack of this women’s clothing store. We use rose gold stainless steel with a white color shelf. The whole women’s clothing shop looks very elegant and beautiful. The ceiling light on the top also matches the whole store very well.

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