How To Make A Bar Design?

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The bar has always been a place of leisure and entertainment that young people like very much. Nowadays, many people like to go to the bar to relax after they are tired of work and study. People’s requirements for the design, environment and atmosphere of the bar are becoming higher and higher, so the design and decoration of the bar must have characteristics, and it is best to give people a bright visual impact. 

There are many types of bar design that can not only attract people, but also make people feel relaxed inside. In terms of color collocation, harmony and fashion should be given priority to. If you want to run a good bar, you should decorate and design a comfortable environment. Then how to design a bar to attract customers? What are the types of bar design and decoration? Next everyone with me to understand.

How to decorate and design a small bar?

1. The color is a very dynamic element in the bar design, bar design needs to choose the appropriate color design, better use of good visual environment, to bring consumers more atmosphere of experience, and can not ignore the choice of materials, which is also one of the factors affecting the customer comfortable consumption experience.

2. The bar design should also be based on the style and optical characteristics, choose a more appropriate lighting design. With reasonable distribution of different functional areas of illumination and brightness, the bar design space environment reflects more characteristics and charm.

3. The bar design needs to reflect the local style and national characteristics, fully understand the specific situation of local consumer groups and the development of the local market, fully consider these factors in the design, to create a more artistic taste, more characteristic bar design space.

Setting of the bar

The bar is the core area of the bar, where the bartenders provide drinks to the guests, and where all kinds of drinks are stored. The size of the bar and the materials of various tables and chairs need to be determined according to the area of each bar, as well as the style of the bar design.

The common bar is luxurious, atmospheric design style, all kinds of furniture in the bar also need to have texture, so as to highlight the grade of the bar. Although the bar setting should be adapted to local conditions, the following points should be paid attention to in general when arranging the bar:

First, it should be visually significant, that is, when guests just enter, they can see the position of the bar and feel its existence of the bar. Because the bar should be the center of the whole bar, the general symbol of the bar, guests should know as soon as possible where their drink and service come from. Therefore, generally speaking, the bar should be placed in a prominent position.

The second is to facilitate the service of guests, that is, the bar set for any Angle of the bar sitting guests can get quick service. At the same time, it also facilitates the service activities of service personnel. Due to the problems between the parts of the bar set and the exit set, the walking routes of customers and service staff are complicated and conflicting. Therefore, the effective change of the bar space facilities will make the activities of guests and the service of staff more convenient.

The third is to reasonably arrange the space, as far as possible to make a certain space not only to accommodate guests, but also to make guests do not feel crowded and chaotic, and meet the special requirements of the target guests for the environment.

The bar should be placed in a certain space to facilitate the service, which is often ignored by some bars, so that the service staff and guests to occupy the space, and there is a service due to crowding will drink spilled accident.

Bar design style

  • Performing arts bar decoration style

As the name implies, dominated by performing arts, bar acting as important, the quality of the program, the quality of the actors, performance form, are meticulously according to different region, different local culture to make the program to combine the guest’s taste, win customers like it, but also reflect fashionable in pubs, guide the concept of fashion, both boys and girls like fashion. Undoubtedly reflected in the bar, in performing arts to carefully planned often change the program personnel and program form.

  • Slow shake bar decoration style

Slightly different from the above in addition to the interspersed performance project, most of the DJ’s slow dance to the mainstream, this bar belongs to the fashion store, but the survival time is not long, belongs to the era of popular products, but in the opening of a period of time according to the luxury of the bar decoration can make money in a short time.

  • Decoration style of theme bar

Such as Allen story bar this is an original unique style, but this kind of bar operators must have a sensitive and creative mind, long-term vision, continuous update, the management quality of operators is very high, if only a model, it is easy to bring all kinds of trouble.

  • Decoration style of wine tasting bar

This kind of bar mainly provides all kinds of drinks, but also some snacks with wine, such as almonds, cashews, preserved fruits, nuts, peanuts and other nut food, because according to scientific verification, people lose the most after drinking is the material contained in this kind of food. General entertainment center bars, airports, docks, stations and other bars belong to this category.

  • Casual bar decoration style

This kind of bar is usually called a tea house, which is a place for guests to relax their spirit and enjoy themselves. Mainly to meet the guests seeking to relax, talk, date, so the seat will be very comfortable, soft lighting, sound volume is low, the environment will be elegant, in addition to other drinks to provide soft drinks, coffee is a major item in the drinks sold.

  • Club, salon bar decoration style

A loose social group consisting of people with the same interests, professional backgrounds and social backgrounds who meet regularly in a particular bar to discuss topics of common interest, exchange ideas and opinions, while drinks are served.

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