6 Key Points For Optical Shop Design

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Optical shop as a special industry, in the decoration has its unique requirements, the overall design including the service desk, optometry room, lens room, and counter 4 parts, is also the focus of optical shop decoration. This article, on the glasses shop decoration design of the basic principles to share with you. Optical shop owners will first design the optical shop before decoration, optical shop design is actually the layout planning of the optical shop surface, optical shop design effect to give customers the feeling is very important. So we know what optical shop decoration needs to pay attention to? Today, let’s take a look at the effects of the optical shop decoration and the key points of the optical shop decoration design!

Optical store design key points

The primary key point is the overall design of the optical shop. The stereo should be set up inside and outside the optical shop, can play some light and comfortable music. The store must have a service desk, the service desk has the functions of taking the mirror, storing things, inquiring and understanding. If conditions permit, the service desk is best set near the door. Store power supply design, to be considered, because of the need to use more electrical appliances, so the power supply to set reasonable, so as to avoid circuit problems. 

1, Store feature wall design.

The optical store feature wall is more than just a wall it is to express the corporate image of the store had to convey the enterprise culture to show the strength of the enterprise, let consumers remember the store had impressed raise public awareness of the optician. Another image of the wall design should have a unified standard of a whole, no matter how much you have optical shops, you are can’t change the image of the wall, including the counter and color also is such, can form an integral part of the corporate image. In the whole system is a very slow process.

2, Glasses display area design

The glasses display area has sunglasses, myopia glasses, contact lenses roughly 3 kinds of products. In the sunglasses display area, storage space should be considered to facilitate the placement of mirror boxes and access to glasses, and it is best to concentrate in one area. Contact lens display and wear area can be placed on the inside of the store, preferably with a seat and a place to wash hands. Some contact lens products, such as solutions, should be concentrated in one area.

3, The counter design

Between the counter should flow out of the necessary channel, convenient for personnel to move around, height should consider sitting service, and counter style to consider the customer to sit down for convenience. Counter surface with colorless glass, so that customers can more intuitive observation glasses.

4, The store had a whole flat line.

The flat line is very important in the design of the optical shop, it is the main consumers are buying floor towards the direction of current flow, guide. Stores use a line is not good will affect the consumer’s mood. So on the design of the line have to be very reasonable. To let the customer can distinguish where is the high-grade area, where are the common areas.

5, Optical shop lighting design.

In the decoration design of optical shops, the selection of display cabinets and lamps and lanterns is also very important. Cabinets and lamps must be combined with light and shade, and some lighting effects must be added appropriately to match the decorative style to create beauty. In general, when designing display cabinets and selecting lamps, please pay more attention to the practicality of the products in the long-term use process. The lights in the product display area should be bright and focused so that the product you display can be noticeable and bright in the environment. 

Normally into a store if the store is too dark, the customer is not willing to stay for too long, so the store had to retain customers, lighting design is cannot little, we must will have a special highlight glasses display area and, of course, can take advantage of the display, blend in different products well into the design. We usually design with the material of transparent glass will be more, but because the glass and the material of eyes very close, so it is not easy to contrast, in order to highlight the bright of the glasses, we can use some of the thick material for foil.

6, Optical shop color theme.

Color mixing is very important for the design of optical store decorations because the colors of optical store decorations must be organically integrated with the product and the whole store, and the contrast and harmony of colors must be fully used so that they can be well enhanced. The artistic characteristics of the shop style, rich style effect and perfect visual charm. Usually, high brightness warm colors are appropriate, and prominent components or key components can be combined with corresponding contrasting colors according to their physical characteristics and the atmospheric needs of the commercial building.

Whether the quality refers to the optician is tonal unity, often in the design of an optical shop, color had better not too much, otherwise, it will be very disorderly, the shop is very miscellaneous. Don’t like the design, like is together, as some store design, one red, one black and one white, one yellow, really is a mess. But can’t, the boss board like this. So strongly hope everybody optical shop boss here, in decorating, please don’t use too much color, also don’t choose too exciting color, is too pure color.

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