How to choose a suitable countertop material

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The countertop is the most important part of a food kiosk, it will be directly related to the service life of the food kiosk. To choose a good countertop material for your food kiosk is an important step. So what kind of countertop is a good and suitable material? What should we pay attention to when we choose a countertop material?

What is a good countertop material?

There are many countertop materials to choose from, but each has its own characteristics and disadvantages. A good table should have the characteristics of stain resistance, dirty resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and so on.

  1. Dirt-proof

Because of the high frequency of use of the countertop, so the countertop is easy to stain, choose the stone material with dirt-proof function, can reduce a lot of cleaning work, save a lot of trouble.

2. Wear-proof

Secondly, it is inevitable to knock against knives and kitchenware every day. If it is not a high-quality countertop with real scratch resistance and wear resistance, it can not withstand the test of years of use.

3. High temperature and corrosion resistance

Finally, we should also pay attention to whether the countertop can withstand high temperature and corrosion. Because the hot dishes often need to be put on the countertop, and sometimes the hot soup and oil will be spilled accidentally. If the quality is not up to standard, it is easy to appear aging cracking, or leave traces, but also affect the service life.

How to choose a suitable countertop material?

There are so many countertop materials, then what kind of countertop material is good? Below we will introduce 5 kinds of countertop materials to you.

Comparison of 5 countertop materials

Usually, it has 5 kinds of countertop materials for the countertop: marble stone, stainless steel, man-made stone, rock beam and quartz stone. Below let us explain the advantages and disadvantages of 5 kinds of countertop material to you.

① Marble stone countertop: good look but not resistant to corrosion.

Marble is a kind to have natural texture, color is much, texture is rich, at the same time the hardness of the marble stone countertop is higher, won’t be easily scraped. The acid and alkaline resistance are good, and it is easy to clean and take care of. But marble is also susceptible to corrosion.

② Stainless steel countertop: Durable but not scratch-resistant

Stainless steel countertop is a bright and easy to clean and take care of such a cabinet countertop material. Usually, high-quality stainless steel table, not pure stainless steel, but to at least the thickness of 15mm ship class water resistant board as the base layer, coated with 1.2mm stainless steel above, and then wear resistant and corrosion resistant surface treatment. Although the hardness of stainless steel is high enough, it will not crack, but it is easy to be scratch.


Environmental protection, no radiation, waterproof and easy to clean, no oil pollution, heat and wear resistance, no cracking, durable, good antibacterial performance.


Easy to appear scratches, once knock almost impossible to recover. In addition, stainless steel for material requirements are very high, general material in the use of the surface is easy to appear uneven, rough appearance, so the use of stainless steel has this deficiency.

When choosing the material of the countertop, the factor that needs to consider among them is the cleanness of the countertop. Choose surface texture strong, and bright stainless steel material, from the point of view of cleanliness, can be very convenient to clean and take care of. So the countertop material chooses stainless steel is a good choice.

Palette of marble granite samples on white background.

Man-made stone countertop: Strong and resistant to dirt but not heat.

Man-made stone is one of the most popular countertop material, is also a high cost performance of countertop material, can bring good aesthetic decorative effect. Because man-made stone countertop has the simple sense of near natural stone material not only have rich color and decorative pattern more. The man-made stone countertop is strong, with enough pressure and permeability resistance and high gloss, but they also have their drawbacks: they are not scratch resistant or heat resistant. When the pan goes up, it must be separated by insulation pads, and it is not as beautiful as natural stone such as marble. The antimicrobial and environmental protection aspects are also not ideal. So what is the advantage and disadvantage of man-made stone?


(1) The surface of the man-made stone countertop is smooth and clean without capillary holes, and has very good stain resistance, which is easy to clean and take care of;

(2) The color of man-made stone countertop is bright and rich, can give consumers bigger choice space, and artificial stone mesa still has the simple sense of natural stone and the luster like ceramics;

(3) Man-made stone countertop has very good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, impact resistance, permeability resistance, is a very excellent mesa material;

(4) Man-made stone countertop has good plasticity, can really achieve seamless stitching, and strong repair ability;

(5) Compared with natural marble countertop, man-made stone countertop has no radiation and will not have any adverse effect on human body.


(1) The hardness of man-made stone countertop is lower than that of natural marble, and the scratch resistance is poor, but it can be remedied by grinding and renovation;

(2) Man-made stone countertop is easy to change color, especially in the choice of light color, especially white table, need special attention.

Rock beam countertop: superior performance, safety and health

The material performance of rock plate is superior, it is made of quartz stone and feldspar and other natural raw materials in the high pressure of more than 15,000 tons and 1200 degrees of high temperature forging. After digital printing, the appearance is more colorful, more realistic and beautiful.

Compared with other materials, rock plate safety and health, direct contact with food, but also according to the need to increase the antibacterial function. It’s a new material for high-end cabinets.

Quartz stone

Quartz stone countertop is a kind of natural stone, which has good color and texture. Use this stone to decorate the cabinet countertop, can bring very good decorative effect, at the same time the quartz stone hardness between 2.5-5, wear resistance is also very good.


Natural texture, natural beauty, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, good wear resistance.


Natural stone has holes, it is easy to penetrate into the texture. At the same time, cleaning is difficult, relatively speaking, cleaning is not very convenient. In addition, quartz stone countertop toughness is poor, easy to fracture, broken, so the use of time can not be impacted by gravity.


For the use of countertop demand is not the same, the choice of countertop material is also different, specific countertop choose what material is good, need to see according to the actual situation.

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