How to choose the lights for your jewelry showcase?

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With the improvement of people’s material living standard, the demand for luxury goods is also greatly increased, among which jewelry is favored by people, especially women. Just as flowers need to be set off by green leaves, no matter how beautiful jewelry, it needs to be set off by good light, in order to coruscate its due luster.

The color emitted by the light source itself is the “light source color”, while the color reflected by the light source is generally called the “surface color”. Jewelry itself does not emit light, except for some gems that have a fluorescent or phosphorescent effect. Although natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gems, in actual sales, due to the limitations of the site, businesses often choose artificial light for lighting.

How to use appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry has become increasingly concerned by jewelers. When some jeweler is decorating the jewelry store display showcase, notice the light should be bright enough only commonly, make the whole feeling of storefront is luxuriant, magnificent, ignored the proportion allocation of the lights. However, there is no difference between the subject and the non-subject of sales, and the jewelry placed in the counter lacks a sense of hierarchy. Too bright light in addition to unnecessary waste, its high temperature and electromagnetic radiation will also destroy the object itself has color and luster, especially to some organic stones, such as pearls, coral, amber structure and chemical composition will cause an impact. In addition, according to psychologists, dazzling lights can also affect the mood of customers and jewelry store staff, but also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions.

Different jewelry needs different lighting to cooperate with the use, such as gold jewelry, jade and diamond lighting is very different. When choosing lighting for a jewelry store, the factors that need to be considered are color temperature, illumination, flicker, temperature, color, infrared, ultraviolet and so on. Of course, it is not possible to take into account all the above factors, generally focusing on the color temperature. The color temperature is the scale of the light color of the light source, and the unit is K. The color temperature of the common light source is 2700K for halogen lamp, and the standard daylight color temperature is about 5200~5500K.

Businesses in the selection of light sources should pay special attention to the factors: different degrees of lighting can distinguish the jewelry store level and sales main body; Scintillation refers to a kind of reflected light emitted by the jewelry when the light shines on it. The more significant the reflected light is, the more dazzling the gem will be. Color rendering refers to the correct color and clarity presented by the light on the object. The higher the color rendering, the more detailed the craft and true color of the jewelry can be depicted.

For the jewelry store decoration lighting design what should we need to pay attention to?

First, light and color collocation.

According to the type of jewelry with reasonable color temperature light color, such as gold jewelry can use warm white lighting; Silver or gemstone products can be illuminated by 5,500K cold white light. The use of light sources of the same color temperature in the same area gives the best effect to the pearl, the richer color and bright light of the colored gem, and the more crystal clear, pure fire and whiteness of the diamond.

Second, appropriate illuminance.

For the jewelry lighting design, small jewelry, such as gold, platinum, pearl, diamond, etc., need to use key lighting to highlight the display, the illumination should be high enough, and the illumination ratio with the environment is about 10 ~ 30:1. And a few pieces of jewelry are like jade, crystal, exquisite is downy, illuminance need not be too high.

Third, lighting characteristics.

Such as gold, pearls and other jewelry that completely rely on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence. Jade, crystal and other exquisite translucent texture jewelry, to pay attention to transparent.

Final, aesthetic.

It needs to have the function of adornment space, foil atmosphere, beautification environment. The lighting design should be designed to match the display needs of jewelry as much as possible, and meet the requirements of the interior decoration of the exhibition case. According to the needs of different ornaments or display personality, adjust the luminosity, to provide a comfortable, outstanding, vivid light color display space.

Different kinds of jewelry, can be divided into several common light colors:

  • Yellow light: it is more suitable for the stores and counters of gold jewelry, and the color temperature can be selected below 3500K. For the way of gold irradiation, the brightness should be high, and the spot should be uniform. The warm white light with low color temperature can better present the golden color and pearl of gold. It is recommended to use 3000K-3200K color temperature, and the color rendering should not be less than 92.
  • Neutral white light: it is more suitable for jade, agate, amber, collections, cultural relics and other display cabinets. The color temperature can be selected at about 6000K. Due to jade, amber and other materials of jewelry, need to highlight its exquisite luster sense, so the brightness requirements are relatively low. Low power and multiple light sources can be used to express the multi-faceted and highly reflective properties of jewelry, forming rich highlights on the surface of jewelry and playing the role of sparkling. Here it is recommended to use 7000K color temperature, color rendering is not less than 90.
  • Daylight white light: more suitable for clocks and watches, metal material art display cabinet use, color temperature can be selected about 7500K.
  • High white brightness: more suitable for diamond display cabinet use, color temperature can be selected about 8000~10000K. Because platinum, diamond is rarer, colour and lustre is also nobler than gold coldness, because this its price is higher. The irradiation of platinum and diamond, basically consistent with gold, but need to pay attention to the choice of color temperature, like high color temperature cold white light can foil platinum and diamond cold, color rendering is not less than 92.

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