France Ice Cream Shop Counter Customize Restaurant 3D Design

Ice cream shops have gradually spread across the streets and alleys, and are a good place to relieve the heat in summer. With a dazzling array of ice cream shops, in addition to working hard on food quality, there is also the interior design of the store. Young people now prefer to eat ice cream. And the ice cream shop does not need to be large and the decoration is more convenient. Many young people like to open their own ice cream shop.

1. Location of ice cream shop

The ice cream shop must first choose an address and determine the surrounding demand for the ice cream shop. Choose a commercial area with relatively large passenger flow, and there will be a greater possibility of ice cream demand in places with large passenger flow, and most people in the commercial district will go shopping, especially in the summer when shopping is likely to buy ice cream to reduce heat, This kind of consumer group mainly consumes one-time, and there are few repeat customers.

2. Ice cream shop decoration

Ice cream is a relatively fashionable and trendy consumer product. It is generally dominated by young consumers. Therefore, the decoration of ice cream shops is relatively fashionable. Choose one or two main colors that represent youthful vitality in color, which can be more eye-catching on the street. It can also attract young people to consume. For example, choose green and yellow. Green represents health and fashion, and it can be more prominent with yellow.

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