Hello friends, nice to meet you here! Are you looking for a customized fruit juice store fixture? Do you plan to open a fresh fruit shop in the local area? This is the best time to open a unique juice shop, because many people like healthy food and drinks. Fresh fruit and fresh juice is the one to help them keep healthy. Before open a shop, you should choose a good location and decoration the shop unique and luxury. Today, I want to share a customized juice shop with you. Hope you will use it as basic design.

How to decoration the juice shop in a unique way?

  1. Choose a color for your juice shop fixture. Usually, it’s a good idea to use bright color like yellow, white and blue. If you have a brand logo, the furniture should match the brand logo.
  2. Confirm a layout of the counter and seating area. A suitable placement of furniture can make your shop stand out and use conveniently.
  3. Find a designer to make the shop design. It should make a new 3D model of your shop design. The whole work need 2-3 working days. And the design drawing need 600-1000usd deposit, which depends on your shop size. When confirm order, the money will refund to you.
  4. Finally, modify and confirm the design drawing. Whenever you find is not good enouh in the drawing, our designer will help you modify better. Then you can finally get a unique juice shop fixture.

3D design picture show

You can view the details clealry in the picture. The color is light blue with sofa and chairs. The whole shop gives people a comfortable feeling. Reception counter is set in the entrance, people can order directly. On the back wall is to place machines with wall cabinets on the top. It’s very convenient to use. Do you like this juice shop fixture design? Let’s view the picture and layout together.

bubble tea kiosk drink store fixture

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us soon. Thank you

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