Hello friend, nice to meet you here. Glad to know that you are looking for frozen yogurt shop furniture. Nowadays, more and more people plan to open their own shops and start the business. It’s a great time to open a frozen yogurt shop and earn money. Today, I want to share a nice colorful frozen yogurt shop furniture with you. It’s made at the end of 2019 for Puerto Rico. Let’s view more details together.

How to get the frozen yogurt shop?

We first know the customer’s requirements in an afternoon. She doesn’t have a clear mind about frozen yogurt shop decoration, just a rough idea, and wants us to give her better suggestions. After confirming the design specifications, our design team works hard to make a 3D design model. It needs a 500usd design fee and will finish in about 3 days. And the first drawing is according to customers’ ideas.

3D design pictures show

bubble tea store furniture bubble tea counter bubble tea furniture bubble tea store design

Description of frozen yogurt store furniture


When I first see the shop design, I was shocked and liked the shop design very much. Before entering the shop, do you attracted by the white brand logo and delicious frozen yogurt in the posters? It’s a good place to show your products and let people see you directly. On the backside is a long reception counter with a display showcase. People buy ice creams from there.
So the lightbox on the top ceiling with the menu guides them to choose popular food. While there is a large sweet candy stand with a candy model on the top. Do you like this unique design, please? Another side has a candy dispenser and candy display counter. LOGO is also put here in the middle wall. We can see the top of the store is decorated with colorful balloons, they look very different under the background of colorful lights.

Material show

For most of the food kiosks, we use baking paint to build the kiosk. This kiosk we use plywood as the body material. The counter surface is white laminate but solid wood on the countertop. Other materials including MDF, baking paint surface, tempered glass, acrylic light logo and lightbox painting, and so on. We should choose the most suitable material to help you build the kiosk furniture. And will also note all the materials in the construction drawing for your confirmation, please don’t worry about it.

Advantages of customized shop furniture

Why customized shop furniture become so popular in the world? Many of our customers want unique frozen shop furniture. There are several advantages to making customized shop furniture.

  1. Show how your shop looks like in real life. From the design picture, you can see your own kiosk in real life. When you want to view different ideas, we can also help you modify them in time.
  2. Decoration of the frozen yogurt shop according to your ideas. Nearly every shop owner wants a unique and wonderful shop to start the business. And even add their own brand name and logo. Only customized shop furniture can solve this problem.
  3. A symbol of your kiosk. When your shop decoration accepts by target people. It can express your company culture and leave a deep impression on people.

You can even decorate the bubble shop on your own ideas. So you can get a unique and creative bubble tea store, very cool and attractive. If you have no idea about shop design, please don’t worry. Just tell us your requirements, our designer can help you create it. We recently made many new bubble tea shop designs, if you have any interest, please feel free to learn more here. Thank you for your time.

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