Fashion Bubble Tea Shop Ice Cream Bar Counter Restaurant Design

Nowadays, many young people will meet with friends in three or two to drink tea and chat in the bubble tea shop in their free time. Bubble tea has always been one of the favorite drinks of young people now. So many people will invest to open a bubble tea shop. Especially many young people, who start their own entrepreneurial journey by creating their own milk tea brand. If you also want to open your own bubble tea shop, coffee shop or ice cream shop. What preparations do you need to do in the early stage?
If you are a novice, then you will be a little confused. Our company specializes in designing milk tea shop design and store furniture production. Our professional sales staff will help you with a series of processes from design to installation.


3D design of the bubble tea shop food booth juice bar counter:

The humanistic and fresh style often gives people a small and fresh feeling. And the overall store color is candy color. The design of the whole bubble tea shop creates an atmosphere full of time and sentiment for customers. Such a milk tea shop is very suitable for the pursuit of young people. You can see the bubble tea shop have the bar counter. This is for the staff make the bubble tea or juice here. And the customers can order their beverage here. The shop it has the stainless steel element and with green baking paint.


If you want to open a bubble tea shop, our designer can make a new shop design for you. Please send us the floor plan of your bubble tea shop, then we can have a look and discuss the details with our design team.

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