Eye-catching ice cream shop design with ice cream display counter

Do you love ice cream? Hot summer is coming soon, when you feel very hot and tired, at this time, have an ice cream will help you feel very cool and calm down. Many people love ice cream because they are really very yummy and taste good.At the same time, ice cream also has Rich nutrition. And nowadays you will find ice cream have many different kinds of taste and can add fruits.

The hot sale season is coming, so if you are still thinking about doing what kind of business in the new year, you can try to open an ice cream shop. As we know an ice cream shop interior design usually needs to be very colorful and fancy to match the theme and attract customers.

Here I want to share with you an Eye-catching ice cream shop interior design:

You can see this shop is very nice, it used purple, pink and white, looks very beautiful. After entering the shop you will find the left is a sale counter, dark coffee wood color matches the white stone countertop, looks very nice. It comes with a sale counter and topping area for different tastes of fruits. then right side is sitting area with different color sofa and chairs. Keep go inside the back is a wall, with self-service frozen yogurt machines fixed inside.

You can see the ceiling area also very fancy. Left is a round orange color ceiling, the right side is a round pink ceiling. The wall decoration is also very nice. Carved pattern decoration,use white match purple color.looks very special.

We are a custom factory, and can make new designs according to your products and needs.All furniture and ceiling finishes can be customized to your requirements.And the installation of the bar cabinet is also very easy, we will mark the number on it, and when you receive it, just need you put it together and connect the wire.If you are confused during this period, please contact us.We’ll guide you on how to install it.

Some detailed info for you know this ice cream shop better:

1.color:pink,purple,white,orange,dark wood coffee color
2.Shop size:6m by 12m
3.materials used: plywood with a wood laminate finish, countertop used white stone, purple baking paint finish, pink and orange baking paint finish
4.accessories: acrylic logos, led lights,spot lights

How to get a customized ice cream shop design for my business?

Start designing. After you tell us about your details of the ice cream shop and business plan, we will make a 3D design according to your demands. The style of theshop, logo and furnitures you need can display to you in the design. We usually charge $500-800 as the design fee. Which will be deducted from the total price when you order from us.

Confirm design. We will send the 3D design to you for confirmation in 5-7 working days. During the design process, we can make modifications according to your demands and add some new ideas to your design. When you confirm the final design, we will also do the construction drawings for you to check.

Once all details of the kiosk are confirmed, you can pay 50% of the deposit, and we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. If you plan to open a shop, please contact us here and we will assist you to step by step.

Unique furniture will provide you with high-quality design and production services. We will carry out every step from design to delivery according to your requirements. We are always here and waiting for you to contact us to start the first step!

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