Hi all friends!Good day!hope you are all doing well.As we know hot summer is coming soon. now already end April.The main raw materials of ice cream are milk, cream, sugar and eggs, rich in sugar and protein, and the energy is also quite high. And it is colorful, looks very beautiful, there are many different flavor types, tastes very good, and can ease hot.I really love ice cream very much, what about you friend?Now more and more shop started sell ice cream.When you go a ice cream shop will firstly see the ice cream shop counter.

Here today I want to share you a nice ice cream shop design:

I really couldn’t move my eyes from this ice cream shop, it really looks very fancy and creative.You can see it comes with many different colors,yellow,red,light blue and white. Looks very fantastic. This shop can not only sell ice cream,also sell frozen yogurt,and sweet candies,nuts. The top ceiling lights also comes with different colors,yellow,green and purpe.

After enter the shop,the left are nice sitting area,with nice sofas and tables. Then right side is a long ice cream shop counter. It is lemon yellow color,top is red color,looks very nice and fantastic. The back is ceramic tiles. Then keep go inside you will find the left has a cancy display cabinet with shelves,customers can select candies here. Then right side also sitting area two double person.

Here are some detailed info for your ref

1.Size: 5m by 12m

2.Color: yellow,red,light blue and white

3.Material: plywood with laminate,baking paint,wood laminate tables,stone countertop for ice cream counter

4.Items we can do: ice cream counter,tables and chairs,sofa,led lights,acrylic logo

5. Design time: 2-3 working days.

CAD design steps

Start designing. After you tell us all your requirements of the ice cream shop and business plan, we will make a 3D design according to your demands. The style of shop and logo you need can show you in the design. We usually charge the design deposit first, exact price depends on shop size. Which will be deducted it from the total price when you order from us.

Confirm design. We will send the 3D design to you for confirmation in 2-3 working days. During the design process, we can make modifications according to your demands and add some new ideas. When you confirm the final design, we will also do the construction drawings for you to check everything is good.

Once all details of the ice cream shop are confirmed. You can pay 50% of the deposit, and we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. If you already have some ideas about opening an ice cream shop , please contact us here and we will assist you to step by step.



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