Fantastic Frozen yogurt shop fired yogurt counter share with you

We all know Frozen yogurt and yogurt products are good for health.But what benefits they have exactly?Yogurt is rich in nutrients and probiotics, which can help digestion, promote intestinal absorption and improve immunity.At the same time he can improve the body’s immunity.And yogurt really very yummy, now more and more sorts and taste, yogurt can add fruits.So many kids and girls like frozen yogurt a lot.More and more frozen yogurt shop and kiosks are opened.The frozen yogurt and ice cream shop as usually will  take care of decoration.Here i want to share you a nice frozen yogurt shop design:

You can see this shop mainly orange color match white and wood floor.Whole shop looks very eye-catching.the frozen yogurt counter used is different color stripes.It is a long counter,7m by 1.5m,comes with fruits display area, customers can select different fruits here.The left and middle are some sitting area with tables and chairs.keep go inside you will find a curved shape self-service frozen yogurt area.customers can also get ice cream there.The left has a orange bar table.

Production Details

  • Material: The main material is plywood; surface use posters and paint; countertop used stone
  • Color: use the orange,white,light blue
  • Style: The whole style of the shop is very fancy and colorful
  • Including: Acrylic logo, tables and chairs,frozen yogurt counter,ceiling lights
  • production time:22-25 work days

You may have belowing questions:
1. do you accept customize?
A:yes, we accept. we have professional design team, can help design your shop as your needs. So we will need know your size, how to layout,want what color, then we will design for you see effect.
2. how to assemble the shop?
A:assemble is very easy in fact. before loading we will finish all asemble, we will go wires, lights, electricity, sink, logo, signs will all fixed. Just considering shipping, we couldn’t ship it just a whole piece, so will need devide it several sections, and number them. when you received just follow number put them in right position, and join wires. then can use.

If you also want to open a yogurt shop and want more details, just feel free to contact us.


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