Distinctive Fried Ice Cream & Fried Yogurt Kiosk In Mall For Sale

Ice cream, I believe this is a snack that many people like to eat, whether adults or children. In the past, the ice creams we ate were all made in small shops, packed in bags. But now many ice creams are made and sold, such as fried ice cream. We can see many fried ice cream kiosk in shopping malls or on the street. And ice cream has a lot of flavors. Do you like fried ice cream? And do you have an interest in the kiosk of fried ice cream?

Today I am going to share with you a distinctive fried ice cream kiosk in the mall. Also it is a fired yogurt kiosk.

The Fired Ice Cream & Yogurt Kiosk Introduction

This is a fried ice cream kiosk with a unique design. Its size is 3x4m. And the color is white and green. The fired ice cream kiosk has a long curved decorative panel like a green ribbon. And the decorative panel starts from winding the pillar to surround the whole fired ice cream kiosk. It is very special. The outside of the kiosk is a combination of green and white. And there is a image of the whole family coming out on a sunny day. It makes us feel very natural and warm.

Especially, the other side of the kiosk is decorated with wooden strips like a fence. And there are three chandeliers on top of the wooden strips. They bright the countertop of the kiosk. Besides, the kiosk has some ingredients, two ice cream machines and a sink on the countertop. This can make and sell ice cream for customers. Also there are some cabinets under the countertop. They can store cream kiosk ice cream shop ice cream display

About The Ice Cream Kiosk Shipping

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