New Ice Cream Stand Mall Retail kiosk with Ceiling for Sale

Ice cream is a very popular food in the world, people likes to eat them in both hot weather and cold weather. For a new business plan, it’s necessary to make a unique kiosk design. From the drawing, you can see all the details clearly and place the counter in a good location. Here is a small ice cream stand in mall sharing with you. It can help you save cost.

Popular ice cream stand for sale

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Laminate
  • Size: 2m by 2m, it should match to the location you have
  • Color: Yellow with blue line
  • Other materials: Mental frame, illuminated logo, stainless steel, light box, etc.

This ice cream kiosk has a big glass showcase in the front side. It not only allows customers to directly buy their favorite ice cream, but also maintains a low temperature environment. The back side has two sink with water tap, and 2 juicers are placed on the table for convenient use. Posters along with menu can put on the top of back wall. Do you choose this ice cream booth for the basic decoration?

3D design picture show

ice cream cart Ice cream booth

How to assembly the kiosk?

Do you also worry about the installation? In fact, it’s very easy to put them together and use it. When we build the mall kiosk, we will first make a construction drawing. All the steps will follow on the drawing and send pictures for your confirmation. So, you can see how the kiosk being production. We should finish all the work in our factory, including connect wires, add light, install cabinet door, etc. And even turn on the light to make sure everything works well. Finally ship the goods to you. When you receive the goods, just connect the main switch to the mall power supply is good to use.

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