Wooden & Glass Gelato Display Kiosk In The Shopping Mall For Sale

What is the most relieving heat in summer? Except for air conditioning, there is no doubt that many people would say it is ice cream. As we all know, there are many types of ice cream. Such as sorbet, sherbet, gelato, soft cream, dondurma, etc. Among them, gelato is popular all over the world. And gelato has many flavors because of different materials and methods. Which flavor of gelato do you like best? Now I want to recommend to you a wooden & glass gelato display kiosk. And it can be made with freely selected ingredients.

The Wooden & Glass Gelato Display Kiosk Show

ice cream kiosk ice cream shop

After seeing the real pictures, we can find the gelato display kiosk is simple and unique. It has two different parts of the floor. One is for work. It is a black and white checkered floor. And the other is for customers. It is a lawn-like floor. When people come into it, they will feel very fresh, natural and comfortable. The gelato display kiosk has a large gelato decoration on the facade. This makes us attracted at first sight. And the kiosk has a acrylic 3D light logo on the top. There are three wooden menu board under the logo. You can choose the ingredients on the menu. Then combine freely to make your favorite gelato flavor. This is very selective.

The gelato display kiosk has a long glass display stand. And there are several cabinets for gelato ingredients in it. Also the gelato display kiosk has three different refrigerators. We can put some prepared gelato or other ingredients in them to keep fresh. Besides, the gelato display kiosk provides customers with a long wooden table and three blue small seats. People can directly enjoy gelato here. Also there are three chandeliers on the table. It is very useful for night.

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