Ice cream is a very popular food among people. If you plan to start your own business, it’s a good idea, to begin with, an ice cream kiosk. Because ice cream kiosk needs a small location to start, which is easy to operate and earn a profit. We recently received any inquiry about ice cream kiosk. Most of them are the first time to start a business and have no idea about how to start a business. Today, I want to share a customized ice cream kiosk with you. Hope it can give you more good ideas.

Customized ice cream for German customer

One day in office hours, I received an inquiry about an ice cream kiosk. This is our first meeting with this German customer. I patiently introduce the size, material, details, purpose and price of this style to the customer. And asked about his own design ideas and requirements. Through the conversation, I learned that the customer rented a place in the mall with a size of 3m by 2m. He needed a unique display cabinet that would allow him to make ice cream better and put his own logo. But it’s the first time to start a business, he knows nothing about ice cream kiosk decoration.

I think this is the problem most entrepreneurs are facing. But fortunately, he found us. We have a professional designer team and high-skilled workers to help him solve the problem. First of all, I shared some classic ice cream kiosk designs for his reference. And tell him how to design the kiosk should be better. However, What the eyes see is more convincing than words. We recommend making a 3D design, From where, he can clearly see the layout, colour, decoration, etc.. And you should know how it helps with the business. With short thinking, we reached an agreement and started the design with 300usd.

Design details

We made a 3D model for him according to the style that the customer asked for, and added some new design ideas. With the joint efforts of the designer team, a brand new ice cream showcase was presented to customers within 3 days. When the client saw the design, he was very happy. Because the design was exactly what he wanted, except that a glass partition was added to the countertop. The customer presented the design picture with a detailed drawing to the mall to get approval. Moreover, we even send samples of raw materials for inspection. Are you curious about what the customized ice cream showcase looks like? I will share some for your reference.

ice cream kiosk ice cream showcase ice cream stand

From the picture, we can see there are big roll-up machines on the two sides. From the glass plate, customers can see how the delicious ice cream being made. At each end of the diagonal near the door, there is an elevated shelf where brand logos and posters can be placed. Behind one of them is a beverage freezer. In the front side, there is a long working counter with cashier register, people pay bills here. Under counter are locked cabinets for storage. Besides, you can also put a brand logo, menu, lightbox painting outside the counter to attracts people.

The main material of the ice cream kiosk is Plywood, the surface material is laminate. If you want to high level your food kiosk, we recommend using solid wood or tile to decorate it. Because we use materials to make many kiosks to different countries, and our customers like them very much. The countertop uses white man-made stone, which easy to clean and stable to use.

How to assembly the ice cream kiosk?

Before order, how to install the food kiosk is a concerned issue of the customer. Will finish all the production and installation process in our factory. Including making wooden cabinets, installing lights, wires, sinks (if you need it), lightboxes, LOGO, etc. It is equivalent to receiving a complete cabinet and not just the raw materials. We will take photos and videos of every step for your reference. When the production is completed, we will test all the lights, wires, cabinet doors, etc. to ensure that they are working properly. And clean the ice cream kiosk and packaged it well for transportation. So, when you receive them, please connect the main gate of the ice cream cabinet to the power supply of the mall.

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