Ice cream has become popular all over the world, it is a kind of sweet food and delicious snack in our daily life. So many people plan to sell ice cream to earn money. I am sure that you will win customers if you purchase attractive ice cream kiosks and rent a good location. Today, I want to introduce a luxury ice cream kiosk to you. Hope it can give you new decoration ideas. You can even choose the same design for your business.

Description About ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk design is made for a Nicaragua customer. The dimension is 4660mm*2880mm, which matches his location in the mall. In his requirements, he needs a big ceiling, a big display machine, a place for a cashier register, a sink, and other space for the machine. He also likes a bar counter with seats on one side, so customers can sit down and taste the food. After knowing the ice cream kiosk decoration idea, we recommend making a 3D design according to the description.

How to make design

Our designer team take a meeting, then sort out good ideas and show them in the design drawing. First, they choose a mixed colour to match customers’ brand logo. And find a suitable location for machines, it should be good to use and match the brand theme. For safety security, we choose a curved counter corner. That makes your kiosk looks better and attractive. What attracts me most is the big round ceiling. It’s like a plate but on the bottom has a large pattern. Which makes your kiosk lovely and attractive.

Real design picture show

Here I shared the confirmed design for your reference. Because every owner wants to make small changes to get a perfect and wonder kiosk design. That’s the reason why we recommend to make a 3D design first. I am sure that you can get more than kiosk value since we have highly trained workers to help you make the kiosk.
ice cream shop mall kiosk design ice cream kiosk decoration food shop idea

Material show

Usually, for food kiosks, we use Plywood to build the kiosk body. But for this ice cream kiosk with the unique shape, we choose MDF to make it. It’s easy to finish different shapes and special styles. The surface material is baking paint. Painting colours include green, purple, and white. For every mall kiosk, we use stainless steel kicking to protect it. Acrylic LOGO with light usually gives people a different eye effect.
Are you interested in the countertop material? Do you notice it’s different? We use a white stone to make the countertop. Because of its good appearance, hard and easy to clean, most storage rooms will use stone as the surface. The most important thing is that it is a safe, pure natural material with fireproof and waterproof properties. Other materials including glass, sliding drawer, lock, etc.


Q: It’s my first ice cream business, how do I get started?
A: Most of our customers choose ice cream kiosk for his first business. Please let us know your idea about ice cream kiosk decoration, including size, colour, layout, style, etc. We can help you custom made it according to your requirements.
Q: I have a limited budget, what should I do if the kiosk costs too much?
A: Every customized kiosk has a reasonable price. You can tell us your budget first, then we help you make a 3D design to show what’s your kiosk looks like under the budget. If you agree with it, we can make a deal. If not, we can make small changes to meet your demands.
Q: How many days to view my kiosk design? Do you charge fees to make the design?
A: When we know your requirements, the 3D design needs about 3-5 business days. You should pay for 300usd-600usd for the kiosk design(Which depends on the kiosk dimension). When you order the mall kiosk, it will refund to the total amount, So, you get the design for free.

Q: Do you have a branch here or someone can help me install the kiosk?
A: No, we don’t have a branch. Everything is complete in our factory. When you receive it, you should only put them together and connect wires, it’s very easy.
Q: What should we do if we don’t know how to finish the job?
A: During the design and produce process, we will take pictures to show you. Before shipping, we should number the wooden boxes, so you can follow on construction and put them together. You can also contact us, our sale team can also help you solve this problem

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