“What’s is your favourite dessert?” If you ask any pedestrian on the street, you can get an almost certain answer-ice cream. Due to the unique taste and production method of ice cream, both adults and children cannot refuse. As your first business, opening an ice cream display cabinet in the mall is a great idea. Because it needs small start money and easy to cooperate.

How to start an ice-cream kiosk?

Choose a location to start

You first need to rent a place in the mall, because the booth is where you provide services to customers, and it is also where customers know about your products. And a good stall can attract more customers to buy ice cream. So if you find a good location, please don’t miss it. Of course, you also need to consider whether the rent is within your budget.

Confirm business type

There are many kinds of ice cream in the world, include Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, Helado, Black Cloud Ice Cream, Traditional Ice Cream, and Fried Ice Cream. You should know who is your target people. Then you can start the ice cream business better.

Purchase a custom ice cream kiosk

For a new business, it’s very important to purchase an ice cream kiosk. On the one hand, it’s your shop match to brand and company image. A good kiosk can attract people’s eyes for the first time. On the other hand, you can make full use of the space. And place the machines and display showcase in the right area.

Promotional activities for publicity

Promotion is the most effective way to improve performance. Because it can provide customers with more things at the same price. Our most common is the lower half price of ice cream so that customers can taste it with friends and family. This will bring you more returning customers.

Customized ice cream kiosk for sale

ice cream kiosk decoration


This ice cream kiosk covers an area of 3m by 2m, there is a working counter on both the front and right side. When people purchase, you can make the ice cream soon and send it to them. Because there is a large fridge machine under the right side counter table. While on the bottom of the front side is a locked cabinet for storage. You can put a brand logo and lightbox on the counter body face to the public. Glass wall display cabinet in the two corners used to put models for attractive.

There is a long stand for ice cream self-service machines. Customers can help themselves conveniently. Besides, one the top of the display stand is lightboxes painting. Which can attract clients from distance? There is a high stand with a brand logo, posters, and a display cabinet in the entrance. Behind the logo, the stand is a water sink for hand wash. Spotlight on the kicking, which makes your ice cream kiosk standing out.

The 3D design drawing show

ice cream shop design wood surface kiosk mall food kiosk

Material show

Plywood is the main material to build the body of the ice cream kiosk. The surface material is a solid wood plate, which high level your ice cream shop. You can use this surface material, too. However, if you have a small budget, we recommend using other materials such as laminate or wood veneer. The black stone is the countertop material. Which high level your store. Other materials include stainless steel, lightbox, acrylic, hardware, etc. Please let us know if you have other material requirements, we can meet your demands.


Whenever you plan to start an ice cream kiosk or sell other food, you should make a business plan first. Then follow on the step and achieve them. It always takes time to find a good place to start a business. Besides, it takes a long time to make a perfect design. If your landlord needs to check the design drawings of the display cabinet, please make sure to allow a longer time to get permission to open an ice cream shop.

Time table for your reference

  • Design time: 2-3 business to make the first design drawing. You should leave at least a week to modify it better.
  • Approval time: A week to a month, which depends on the review process. You should confirm it with the landlord
  • Production time: 22-25 business days to manufacture the ice cream kiosk
  • Shipping time: 18-34 days, which depends on which port is near your address.
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