In a recent word, many people plan to start their own business and expect to earn more money. Open a food kiosk in the mall centre is a good choice for the new shop owner. You can use it to sell smoothies, ice cream, and frozen yoghurt. It’s a popular food among people and nearly every people eat them in daily life. Today, I want to share a unique ice cream booth design with you. You can add your ideas to make it special and attractive.

sweet food kiosk

Information about ice cream booth


As a mall kiosk, the most important thing is to provide convenience for your work. For example, you can make ice cream and other foods smoothly. And put the necessary machines in a good location.
Its unique shape and lighting can attract customers to buy. The consumer can’t move their eyes from beautiful items. If your ice cream booth attracts them well, they are likely to stand for a while and buy one to eat.
Promote your brand and company image. It’s a good way to let people know your better because the ice cream kiosk is directly exposed in public places. When you leave a deep impression on people, they will remember you well.


3m by 3m ice cream kiosk has mixed colour, including blue, yellow, white, black. The colour, decoration, and layout follow on people’s ideas. This ice cream booth has a working counter, machine place, storage cabinet, and advertising box. In terms of appearance, this is not a square, but a design with arcs on both sides. This makes your ice cream cabinet stand out from other showcases and be selected by customers. Colour matching is also very important to highlight your brand image. So please choose the colour that matches the style of your shop

In the front, there are a cashier register, juice machine, ice cream machine, and under-counter refrigerator. The right side is a working area with a water sink. The surrounding glass panel prevents water from splashing out. On the bottom is a locked cabinet for storage. The backside is a wall with a large machine. And the right side is the entrance with locked doors, which is safe to use at night.

Material show

  • Body material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Laminate and wood veneer
  • Countertop material: Man-made stone
  • Ceiling frame: Mental or iron
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Other materials: Lightbox, Led light, acrylic, clear glass, hardware, sockets, etc.

3D design show

food kiosk ice cream showcase ice cream stand

How to open an ice cream kiosk in the mall centre?

Every business begins with a location, where people can see you and buy things from you directly. So you should rent a place in the mall first. Then signed off with the manager and know mall rules to obey with. The next step and very important step is to purchase a customized ice cream kiosk. You should find a design team to help you make kiosk design and build high-quality mall kiosks. The designer will create a 3D design according to your ideas, where you see how your food shop looks like. And make a construction drawing with all the details.

If the mall manager wants to review the kiosk design, you can submit the design picture along with a construction drawing. When the mall agrees with the design, we can start the production of the goods. Through all the production time, you will receive the process photos to see how your mall kiosks being made. Whenever you have questions, our sales team will help you solve it immediately.

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