Ice cream booth is found everywhere we go. It’s a great idea to taste ice cream while shopping. If you are the ice cream booth owner, where do you plan to open the shop? Most people will choose to begin with a mall kiosk first. Because it’s easy to run and cost less. You only need to rent a location and buy a suitable mall kiosk is enough. Today, I want to share an attractive ice cream kiosk with you. Hope it can help you better.

What makes the ice cream booth unique?

Nowadays, only attractive and unique food shop can win customers. The main color of this ice cream booth is white. There are two blue window decoration in the back wall. And brand logo and spot light on the top ceiling. It looks like a house, which is different from other kiosks I have ever seen. Do you like this style?

In the front side, there is a large ice cream display machine. Next to it is a cashier counter, people can pay bills here. Sink and working counter is set in the back side. From the design drawing, you can arrange the machine in the right area. And make full use of space. Brand logo and posters not only to attracts people, but also decorate the food kiosk in a unique way.

Real picture show

ice cream stall ice cream booth ice cream kiosk

The main material is MDF with baking pant. Counter top is man made stone material, which is easy to clean and convenient to use. If you have any new idea about ice cream kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to share more information with you. And we can also share new ice cream kiosk design with you. Then, you can choose one from them and use it as your mall kiosk decoration. Thank you

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