Are you going to open an ice cream kiosk? Ice cream become popular among people, because it bring cool feeling. It is a great idea to start ice cream business in both shopping mall and food court. Especially in hot weather, it taste not only delicious, but also bring us to an ice world. A customized ice cream kiosk serve you better and attract more customers. Today, I want to share a high end ice cream booth with you. Let’s view it together.

Stone ice cream booth design

As the picture shows, the main color of the ice cream kiosk is white. The kiosk wall and checkout counter has solid wood surface. Stone counter top in working area is a good choice, because it’s easy to clean and stable to use. There are 3 ice cream machines in the front side, next to them is a topping bar counter. On the top is a glass plate, from where people see the process clearly. Machine and sink is set in the back counter for convenitent use. Posters is for advertising and attract clients. You can also put brand logo on the kosk. The laout, color can also change to your favorites. Do you like this ice cream kiosk design?

elegant information drink shop in mall food both ice cream counter

More information:

For a new business plan, it’s very important to make an outstanding food kiosk. People first view your shop decoration, then know your culture and service. That’s why we recommend to custom made a mall kiosk and add your thoughts to it. Only in this way can consumers know you better and buy things from you. A new design with your idea need 2-3 business days. You can change wherever you think not good enough. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to help you.

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