Pretty Style Pink Color Fried Ice Cream Kiosk Gelato Booth For Sale

Fried ice cream uses a rapid freezing pan, which can reduce the temperature to -40 degrees celsius in a super short time, which can ensure that the fried ice cream will not melt due to heat, but will become more and more solid. Using sugar, creamer, and some condensed milk, pour it into a frying ice pan under the stirring of boiled water. As the temperature keeps dropping, it will become the shape of ice cream. Finally, some dried fruits are added. Or some other decorations, then fried ice cream complete.

The cold fried ice cream roll originally originated in Thailand, with its fresh and unique taste characteristics, easily captured everyone’s heart. Accompanied by the sweetness of ice cream, customers can also see the process of making their own ice cream rolls at a glance after ordering and waiting. Isn’t it cool?

Fried ice cream kiosk design customize as your requirements:

This fried ice cream kiosk is a very pretty design. The pink color is the color which all the girls like. So it can attract many girls and children. You can see the front side for 3 fried ice cream machines with 1 cashier register counter. The customers can order then line up for their fried ice cream.

The main material of this fried ice cream booth is MDF with baking paint. And the pattern is stickers. At the top we add the customer’s logo. On the side of the cashier counter, we have the lighted box of the menu. On the backside we have the work prepare counter and sink.

Please feel free to contact our sales team if you want to start the design of the fried ice cream kiosk. Thank you!




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