Nowadays, more and more people plan to open ice cream stores. As ice cream is one of the popular food in the world. For entrepreneurs, opening an ice cream shop is the fastest way to make profits. Because it needs very little cost and can bring you many customers and make profits. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream store design with you. Let’s view the details together.

ice cream counter

How to get the ice cream as the final design?

For a customized food store, every design and products follow on customers’ idea and match their brand style. Business always starts with inquiries. At first, the customer told us that he planned to open an ice cream shop, and he needed to sell juice, milk tea, yoghurt and snacks. He needs a unique and attractive shop design. As a professional ice cream shop furniture supplier, I am sure we can design and make furniture for him. But everyone’s definition of uniqueness is different, and everyone’s brand and style definitions are different. So we need to know the specific details, such as size, colour, style, display, etc. Customers like pink, white or blue matching the brand’s LOGO. In order to better decorate the store, customers send us the floor plan and real photos of the store. This is very helpful for the next design.

He also told us what size machine to use. When we understand the rough design requirements, our designer will create a 3D design based on the size of the store. A few days later, we completed the first drawing. When our client saw it, he liked it very much. But just add more tables and chairs in the centre. The designer immediately modified and re-rendered the clear picture according to the customer’s requirements. In this way, we obtained the final confirmed design. The fastest confirmation of the design wins more production time for customers to open early. The 3D design including design picture and detailed construction drawing.

ice cream furniture

Design steps of ice cream store

The store design is very important and necessary for new business plans. From the design drawing, you can see the appearance of the store and how it can help you better. As an entrepreneur, you must be curious about how to start designing a unique ice cream shop. Today I will take you through the steps of 3D design.

  1. Tell us your requirements for the ice cream shop. Including store size, decoration colour, store layout, decoration style, brand logo, list of placed machines, etc. You should tell us all your ideas for free.
  2. Pay a design fee 600usd-1000usd, which depends on store size. When production store furniture, the money will refund to you.
  3. Make the 3D design according to your requirements. Before starting the design, the designers will have a meeting to discuss how to design an ice cream shop. Then start creating the 3D model. So it needs about 3-5 working days to give you the first drawing.
  4. Check and modify the design drawing. When you receive the design picture, please check it carefully. If you find somewhere should be better, the designer will modify it soon. Modify design is free to charge.
  5. Create a construction drawing. When we get confirmation that the final design is what you want, we can confirm the order. Then, we will send you construction drawings with detailed  Then, we will send you construction drawings with detailed information for your confirmation. Manufacture according to the confirmed 3D design and construction drawings to ensure that you receive the correct ice cream shop furniture.

juice shop ice cream store


There is a long counter in the store, people can purchase the food and ice cream from there. So, you should also put cashier counter with the menu. The material of the counter is a man-made stone. You can put display showcase, working the counter, machines here for better usage. While on the bottom is locked drawers for ice cream storage. If you want to put more items inside the furniture, we can also help you better.

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