Frozen yoghurt is a popular sweet food in the world. Many people like to eat it because of the good taste and cool feeling. Do you plan to start your own business? Are you interested in opening a frozen yoghurt store to earn a profit? It’s a great time, to begin with, a frozen store to earn money. Because frozen yoghurt has a big market in recent years. People eat frozen yoghurt every day. If you have no idea about running a frozen yoghurt store. Here are some tips that may help you.

Ideas to start a frozen yoghurt store

First, rent a shop in a good location. As we all know, a good store location plays a big role in starting a business. However, you should also take the store rent into consideration. A reasonable store renting help you control business investment cost and increase profit.

Second, purchase good materials to make frozen yoghurt. The taste of yoghurt depends on raw materials and technology. If you do not know how to make delicious yoghurt, please learn relevant knowledge or hire a chef. You can also sell other foods in the store at the same time. Such as bread, milk tea, coffee, ice cream, etc. to meet the needs of customers with different tastes.

Third, decoration of the yoghurt store in a good way. Not like another fast food restaurant, frozen yoghurt should be colourful, attractive and lovely. It’s better to make people feel comfortable and relax when entering into the store. You can even use mixed colour to make your store unique and outstanding.

yogurt counter

Four, choose suitable furniture to the yoghurt store. Store furniture including working table, reception counter, sitting area, display showcase, etc. Working counter is very important for a food store. Because of that where you prepare food and sell food to customers. People first see the furniture and layout at the first sight. If they are impressed by the layout, service and food taste of your store, they will come to your store with friends next time.

Finally, find a professional team to help you design and build store furniture. They can help you place the furniture in a good way. You can tell them what you want in advance when the design finished, you can see the yoghurt store decoration. And high-quality furniture can stay for a long time, you don’t need to change them frequently.

Introduction about frozen store furniture

yogurt stand

When we first enter the store, we can see the colourful line in the top ceiling. The store ceiling has unique shapes with ceiling light. Reception counter along with working counter on the right side. Long sofa, table and chairs on the left side. While on the backside has many ice cream machine, you can help your self to make ice cream and yoghurt. Behind of the ice cream machine is a small room with doors. As for a food store, you should confirm the store style, which is classic, modern or others, they use different colour, material, shape to create a magic effect. yogurt store furniture

yogurt booth

The wall is white and green line decoration, looks very slight and relax. The counter is a red colour with a white top. There are display showcases on the countertop, customers can buy them directly. On the back wall is a large mirror with a brand logo in the middle. That makes people remember you better. When they want to eat frozen yoghurt, they will think of you. In addition, beverage fridge stands near the door. A TV player on the top wall, people can watch TV and video advertise easily.

How do you think about this frozen yoghurt store design? Everyone has a different idea of store decoration. If you want a unique and attractive food store design. I am sure that we can also meet your demands. Thank you for reading

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