What Should We Pay Attention To A Coffee Shop?

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A good coffee shop must not only have high quality coffee, but also have comfort, distinctive style and good store design. Cafe, its beauty and comfort directly determine customer satisfaction. So, what are the key points of coffee shop design? What are the five elements of coffee shop design? Take a look at cafe design with us.

  • Have a personal style

This is an era of fashion and personality, if the coffee shop decoration has no personality, but to imitate the design style of other coffee shops, then people may be hard to impress your coffee shop. When designing a coffee shop, it’s best to use some distinctive design elements, something different from other people. Doing so can attract the eyes of passers-by, give people a good mood, and will attract more and more consumers.

  • The light choice

Lamplight decorates the place that should notice most is lamplight choice, cannot choose too dazzling lamplight. Because here is not KTV is not a bar, light requirements as far as possible soft, warm, to give guests a comfortable feeling. After entering the cafe, people can quickly relax and enjoy a good free time. But also can’t use too dark light color, although there is no dazzling feeling, but it is easy to let people have negative emotions, so it is best to take a bit of color light.

  • The storefront design of the coffee shop

This is a very important part of the whole decoration design link, because it is the sign of the store, can attract more guests, let guests remember your store, which hidden a lot of skills. The space design and the overall decoration style of the cafe complement each other. The first is the design of the import and export, is it set in the middle, left or right, the specific location needs to be determined according to the size of your store, and the size of the flow of people.

  • Signature

In the bustling business district plays a very important role, consumers can often see a lot of various shop signs, all kinds of coffee shop signs have an indispensable role and value. It can be strengthened with rainbow light, spotlights, light boxes, etc., or illuminated with streamers, flags, flowers, etc. The logo can highlight the name through the color of the substrate. The name should be simple and easy to remember. In addition, don’t use tedious words for special needs. In the name font, size, density, color, location and other aspects of the consideration should contribute to the normal use of the door, the text must conform to the style of the cafe, not too long.

  • The color

Cafes are generally considered color. Color has the effect of stimulating and reassuring. Coffee shops can use the principle of color to create an attractive effect. Proper use of color, can highlight the atmosphere. Of color apply, appopriate uses warm color department, because color psychology, warm color is helpful to promote appetite, this is why a lot of people use yellow, red colors. Warm colors and cool colors may be different depending on personal interests, but the relationship between cafe characteristics and colors cannot be ignored.

  • Shop decoration

Decoration should be combined with the characteristics of coffee to associate, novel and unique decoration is not only visual stimulation for consumers, more importantly, let consumers not walk into the store will know what may be there. Adornment wants concise, unfavorable with overmuch line division and colour dye, avoid to use any overmuch adornment, do not let the user feel visual exhaustion.

Store decoration at the same time to prevent people crowded into the cafe, which requires us to reasonably arrange the layout of the store. The interior decoration of the coffee shop should reflect a unique atmosphere that matches the coffee. The reception desk area should be located in a prominent place where customers can clearly see it. When you choose to open a coffee shop, you need to think about who your coffee shop needs to serve and what kind of services.

Decide what kind of coffee shop you want to be based on who you’re serving. Middle-aged business people may like European or Chinese style decoration, such high-end business atmosphere can make them enjoy their work better in the coffee shop. Young people may like an industrial design style cafe, which is more suitable for friends to chat and study together. Coffee shop design needs to create a good atmosphere in order to better serve customers. And the overall atmosphere of the store must be very good, quiet, safe, and even good privacy.

4 main coffee shop styles

1. Modern style.

Modern style coffee shops mainly for the purpose of simplicity and practicality. There are no too many complex shapes or complicated decorations, so more attention will be paid to the selection and use of furniture. The collocation of decorations and colors of the coffee shop is the display of the overall effect of the coffee shop. The layout is reasonable, the space is fully utilized and the overall design is compact, so that the decoration in the store is both economical and comfortable, in line with the requirements of the fast pace of modern life.

2. Light Chinese or European style.

Currently more popular practice is, in decorating a design properly add some Chinese and European decorative symbols, deserve to go up again some of the Chinese and European accessories, such as Chinese painting and European paintings, so that the coffee shop to a tendency to Chinese and European decorative effect, and don’t have to be completely in accordance with the requirements of the pure Chinese style or pure european-style, this kind of style is artistic conception, and not in the form, The difficulty lies in the grasp of scale. Pure Chinese style or pure European style has higher requirements because of its to the size of the building, layer height, at the same time cost is very tall also. Accordingly, in decorating maturely at present less opportunity is carried out.

3. Natural style.

The natural style cafe uses natural materials such as wood, stone and grass vines in the interior decoration. Advocate return to nature, return to nature, abandon man-made materials decoration style. Nature coffee shop is the harmonious unity of nature and coffee shop, present in front of people. Let it be a place where people can relax. It is also a fresh and natural style. It can be located in a scenic spot, consisting of outdoor and indoor Spaces, and generally large business places.

4. Western retro industrial style.

With the main characteristics of minimalism and the pursuit of individuality, highlighting modern science and technology and industrial achievements, such as the use of a large number of distinctive glass products, the use of different metal products, design, to remove part of the original stack, only the original building frame style, concrete structure and exposed pipes; And then blend in some nostalgic decorative elements, such as retro green iron sheet lamp, old door wooden chair and graffiti, so that the space presents a strong retro wind. The all-you-can-eat coffee shop we know is the quintessential industrial retro coffee shop.

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