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Beauty and wealth are every woman’s dream. If there is an industry that can create beauty and wealth at the same time, it will certainly become a career pursued by many people. Manicure is such a blossoming career. If you want to get involved, how do you start a nail salon? I hope the following contents can help you.

The style of a nail salon

Northern wind

Light color department, give a person a kind of clean relaxed feeling. A simple color scheme with warm wood furniture and some jumping color touches will make the space look clean, and this color scheme is perfect for mid – to high-end nail salons.

Rural wind

People love the beauty of flowers and their rich connotations, and they also like to decorate their interior with flowers. Nail salon is mostly a place for women to come and go, and the effect of flowers is more attractive to women, so it is a good choice for nail salon to use garden style. The decoration of nail salon can be decorated by all kinds of flowers, flowers, carved flowers and so on. The sun shines through the flower window. The collocation of flowers and stone materials is a very emotional appeal. The elements of flowers can also be subtly integrated and romantic.

Light green with light yellow is a popular color, light yellow is fresh, light green is fresh, has the role of stabilizing emotions, the collocation of these two colors to give people new joy. This color scheme is popular among young people and is suitable for a nail salon located near a school.

Maiden wind

Pink belongs to the light color tone in warm tone, it is the symbol of gentleness, this kind of pink adds the collocation of white, colour appears very anacreontic and beautiful, it is the girl likes. This is a Korean color scheme, which is suitable for girl-themed nail studios and looks good in photos. A characteristic photo wall can be set up for guests to take photos here.

Ecological wind

Ecological style is a very common decoration style of nail salon. In recent years, as people pay more and more attention to the balance of ecology, it is a good way to introduce the concept of ecology in the decoration of nail salon. Green plants and rough stone, so the indoor decoration materials should also use natural relatively strong, in the temperature and humidity should also be controlled to pay attention to, so it can create a broader sense of natural consumption space.

Industrial wind 

Black and white is a popular colors that will never go out of style. In the classic space where black and white collocation comes out, what is important in this space is the change of black and white not only, but more important is the collocation that lives in. Choose design style is consistent but the furniture of each different on form color and simple sense undertakes combination. The change of black and white on collocation can form the space that has tension and modeling feeling extremely, concise and simple sense is rich the characteristic of this space, let a person forget hard.

This style can also add a gray element, black, white and gray color can produce a strong visual effect. Black is more noble, white is cleaner, and gray is relatively easygoing. The collocation of these three colors is full of low-key modern sense and cool sense of the future, simple and rational, order and professional. This color scheme works well with all types of nail salons.

4 points for attention in decoration design of nail salon

  • When designing the nail salon, we must pay attention to the overall effect of the store, and it must be clean and tidy. If the effect of the store is disorganized, people won’t want to walk in.
  • Nail salons in the process of decoration must pay attention to the distribution of color, if there are too many colors in the store, the improper use of color will make people feel very messy, and also bring people visual fatigue.
  • The lighting choice of nail salons must be soft, and many shops will ignore the lighting choice. In fact, nail salon decoration needs to pay attention to the lighting effect, lighting can create a different atmosphere. Proper lighting can give guests a good impression.
  • The design of our nail salon must be personalized so that people will see your shop and feel different from others. People will judge your product by the decor. If it is a high-end nail salon design, people will feel that the products inside the shop are also high-end and the service provided is satisfactory. If the design of the nail salon is mediocre, people will think that the product you are selling is low-grade and the service is not as good as others.

The layout design of the nail salon

  • Ceiling and light

Lighting can not only provide illumination but also give a great decorative effect to the nail salon. When choosing lighting at a nail salon, it’s also about the style of the ceiling. Some people also like to decorate the nail salon to be elegant and modern, the effect is also very good.

  • Reception area/cashier area

The size of the nail salon reception area should be set according to the size of the store. The reception area is mainly furnished with sofas, tables and so on. Generally speaking, the style of the sofa should match the overall style of the nail salon. Reception areas in different locations give people different feelings.

For example, the reception area is placed at the door, with good lighting, so that consumers have a bright vision, feel the indoor and outdoor environment. There is the reception area placed in the corner of the position, although humble, but can provide a place for consumers to rest. If the shop space is not enough, you can also temporarily put chairs and stools that do not occupy the space, and you can change the position at any time.

  • Beauty nail work area

The nail section is the most important part of the salon. The design of the nail table should match the style of the whole nail shop. It is recommended to choose bright tables and chairs to attract the attention of consumers. Manicure equipment displayed on the desktop should be neatly arranged to look beautiful and easy to view.

  • The product display area

A clean and tidy display area not only gives a good impression but also reflects the professional standard of a nail salon. You can design some simple display cases to put some nail products or nail polish. The wall can be hung with the latest nail styles or the latest hot nail styles so that guests have a better choice of space.

  • The arrangement of the remaining space

In addition to the above mentioned reception area, nail area and display area, the remaining space should also be used. Such as the balcony can put a number of plants to increase the vitality of the indoor sense, you can put a small bookshelf, and put some magazines about beauty nail art for the guest to watch.

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