Pink Beauty Salon Shop Furniture I-Brow Studio Station Design

Eyebrow shops and beauty salons shop become very popular in recent years. Because people pay more attention to their appearance and hope to have a charming look. In this case, many beauticians catch the chance and start a beauty salon shop to earn money. Businessmen also invest in beauty shops in order to make profits. However, a wonderful and attractive beauty salon shop decoration helps a lot with business.

Beauty salon shop furniture decoration

beauty shop design

Layout information

This eyebrow threading shop has a reception counter on the front side. A long sofa also near the entrance, so people can sit and wait for services. The inside room has eyebrow working stations on both sides. It is separated from the reception counter with a white hollow room divider.

Color decoration

The main color is white with pink line decoration. And we combine it with golden color. Looks very high-end and beautiful.

Light description

The brand logo has is the luminous acrylic logo, which can attract people from a far distance. While the brand image wall also has a white light for standing out. We can also add a backlight on the wall display shelf and mirror. It can brighten the whole shop. Please don’t forget the lightbox posters and ceiling lights. We can also choose other styles of light to creates a wonderful effect.

Eyebrow threading shop furniture introduction

makeup store design

Eyebrow working station

As we can see in the design, it has a total of 3 eyebrow service stations. The eyebrow station has a mirror on the countertop, under the table are 3 drawers for place items to use. And the bottom is space for legs. We can do eyebrow threading service, makeup service, and hairstyling services here.

Reception counter

The reception counter is in L shape with a panel over the counter to prevent PC and POS systems. On the front side has two posters for advertising. We can also put the brand logo here. While the backside has lock cabinets and drawers. The back wall is decorated in white light and pink color with a logo at the center. Looks very magic and matches the shop theme.

cosmetic shop

Display Cabinets

There are 3 different styles of wall display cabinets.

One style-3-layer-shelf next to the working station. We can place attractive products here. So clients can buy them while leaving the store.

Two style-pink display shelves with a backboard with 5 sides. It has a white backlit light to collect the eyes’ attention. And it can showcase many items as it is long size.

Three style-small pentagonal display cabinet. It is very suitable for highlighting products. And also makes the shop looks different.

Seating sofa

The seating sofa mainly in white color with pink cushion. We can see the pink and white striped backrest increases the design of the sofa and integrate with the shop. It is customized in size according to the beauty salon shops.

More information

eyebrow shop

Material introduction

  • Basic material: MDF
  • Surface material: Baking paint
  • Logo material: 3D luminous acrylic or stainless steel
  • Other materials: LED light lamp, golden stainless steel, mirror, hardware, etc.

We can use the same materials as requirements to build the shop furniture. And will also help the shop owner choose suitable materials and show them directly in the 3D design pictures.

How to get a beauty salon shop design?

As we all know, it is very important to make a shop design before start. So we have to measure the shop size first and think about what furniture needed. It’s better to make a floor plan with a furniture layout. Then tell the designer about all your requirements. They will draw a professional 3D design and show everything directly in the drawing. What we have to do just checking and confirm the design. In this case, we can get the final beauty salon shop design as we want.

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