The Color Collocation Of A Jewelry Store Design

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With the increasing living standard, jewelry is also loved by people, jewelry will let beautiful women “fall in love at first sight”, more and more jewelry stores appear in the city, in large shopping malls, jewelry counters also occupy an advantage. In order to better attract consumers, distinctive decoration design is also indispensable, we should pay attention to those?

The storefront of a jewelry store is the most important thing to attract the attention of consumers. It is necessary to inform consumers what products are sold in the store, and pay attention to the match of size and color. Good storefront design can not only give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also lead customers, expand sales, play the first role.

The layout of the jewelry store should not be too crowded. The layout of the jewelry display cabinet must be reasonable to create a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers so that they feel very comfortable and closer to the goods. The window design in a jewelry shop also is more important, want to highlight the characteristic of commodity above all, let consumer produce good impression to commodity, just can have an effect that promotes consumption. Each product is classified according to its characteristics, which is conducive to product display and convenient for consumers to quickly find the products they need.

The lighting design of a jewelry store, in order to highlight the main body or part of the display space, should choose regional light or all light to form the contrast and change between bright area and dark area, and fully show the personality of each jewelry. The lighting in each area can be controlled individually, with energy-saving lamps as the main, both cost saving and elegant.

The mirror of the jewelry store is placed, when we choose something we like, we will unconsciously want to see how the effect is, and the mirror has the reflective effect, which can increase the brightness of the room, and show the jewelry better effect, and enhance the spirit of the jewelry store.

Billboards in jewelry stores should be displayed in the design to let customers feel the culture of each brand. We can also follow the change of the festival and change, increase the atmosphere to build, in different promotional activities, can make customers very clearly know the specific content of this promotional activity.

Jewelry store decoration creates a fascinating shopping environment, can stimulate people’s consumption, and promote the performance of the store.

Jewelry store design color collocation

There are many kinds of color collocation in jewelry store decoration design, but how is the most suitable for your jewelry store jewelry products display?

Jewelry display case single color match

Match colors with different shades and shades of the same basic color. This creates a calm, harmonious atmosphere. This kind of collocation is mostly used for jewelry display cases, such as the wall, floor use the lightest shade, bedding, curtains, chairs use the same color but darker shade, cups, vases and other small items with the deepest shade. Also choose a contrasting element to add visual interest.

The use of complementary colors in jewelry display cases

Combining two colors like red and green, blue and yellow, creates a strong contrast. This color scheme can make a jewelry store appear vibrant and lively. But it doesn’t usually apply to high-end jewelry store styles.

The use of similar colors in jewelry display cases

Similar color is color relatively close color, they won’t conflict with each other, and can build a more harmonious, peaceful atmosphere. For color balance, use different colors with the same saturation.

The use of black and white gray jewelry display case

Black, white and gray always works well together. Neutral colors such as brown, and grey is the very popular color in decorating in recent years, these colors are very downy, and won’t give the person too intense visual stimulation, they to make the color ace of simple but elegant space. But to avoid being too stiff, and callous, should increase the natural elements such as wood color to soften, or choose a warm color with strong contrast such as gules, attenuate the original effect.

Jewelry store decoration design props color match

In the decoration design of jewelry store, various kinds of jewelry have great different requirements for color. Through the description of color, the decoration design of jewelry store can highlight the characteristics of jewelry. Color is to focus the bright spot on the bright light of jewelry in the decoration design of jewelry store.

Diamond jewelry: in most stores, diamonds are occupying the main position, so the jewelry store decoration used to foil diamond jewelry props should first is black, it can be the best highlight the diamond light, but black can’t the use of large area, jewelry store decoration with well will affect the brand image and taste. It is rice white, on fabric, suit to use light absorbing sex is god, do not reflect the material, jewelry shop is decorated so can focus the bright light in diamond adequately on the bright ray.

Gold jewelry: Usually choose a mild tone, soft texture, matte velvet material can reflect the light of gold. In the home, choose red flannelette more, jewelry shop decorates the traditional feeling according to people, red is festive, jewelry shop decorates and can foil the elegant and expensive gas trait that gives gold.

Jade such as jade: general use black or white cloth foundation, jewelry store decoration jade is not suitable for too dazzling light to appreciate, need a mild environment, jewelry store decoration warm light is much better than incandescent lamp effect. The color of jewelry store decoration props should highlight dignified, simple, big, pink, lavender, blue, green and some partial warm color transition color should not be used.

Jewelry store decoration design according to different jewelry choose different colors. Each color has its own unique significance, jewelry store decoration design through color to reflect the expensive gas and taste of jewelry, this is the significance of jewelry store decoration design.

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