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Do you want a jewelry store of your own style? Or do you want a professional design team to design for you? Do you want the display cases are good quality and very fashionable? If you want, our campany can do it all for you. What is more, I think our design can make you feel satisifed. If you are attract my next introduction。Please feel free to contact us. Our company can customize your clothing shop and showcases according to your requirements. Nowadays people like to buy all kinds of jewelry more and more. Because it makes people look so shiny. Besides, jewelry can also make people feel happy and satisfied. Because of this, jewelry shops are also become populer now. Today, I’m here to introduce to you a design of our company’s(Shenzhen Unique furniture Ltd) jewelry shop. I hoping it can let you to make the right choice on your business.

More information:

We are a professional company. Our company have 11 years experience. We can design the shop and showcase according to your all requirements. And is not only a company, but also a factory. We are a big family. What is more, we have a senior designer team and a professional customer service team. They can solve different peopele’s different problems. They also can solve different people’s different needs for shop and showcase.

Our delivery time:

First: After you pay the design fee our designer will start to make design for you, when we finish the design usually 2~3days. Before we finish the production we will inform you arrange the rest 50% payment. Our company will arrange the shipment after we receive the money. So please be sure that the earlier payment the earlier shipment. Second: we will have a processing time. It is about 25days. Third:we have some times to transport it. What is more, maybe have many different things let the time more longer. In a word, when we finish it all, we will ship it to you early.

 About this shop:

You can see that the main color of this jewelery shop is white. There are several white jewelry display cases in the middle, and there are also small tables and chairs in the middle. In order to for customers to rest. Next to the wall, there is also some write display cases, the display position of the whole store is also very reasonable and novel. The materials for these showcases all use the high quality material. Such as MDF, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, man-made stone, glossy paper. What is more, we will have high glossy baking paint on MDF and we willuse many nature wood veneer samples and so on. If you have any other materials you want to use, you also can tell to your salesman. They will according to what you need to tell the desiner.

All in all, our company has some world-class certificates, also has a top design team can give you to design a variety of different designs, our design can be modified color, size, design can carry out a variety of ways, we will try to let you feel satisifed. As for the design fee, I also want to tell you, a professional company usually want you to pay it. Our design fee is lower than the industry standard of our company. What is more, when you receive the display cases,if something like three years is broken, it is not man made, we will try our best to give you a return or exchange. Our after salesmans forever here serivce for you. Besides, if you have any qustion about these products, you can also contact us,we will help you to solve it. so please feel free to choose our company, our company can give you is you can’t think of. There’s nothing you can’t think of, nothing we can’t do. The quality of our services and products are world class.
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