Luxury design glass jewelry shop display furniture for shop decoration

Now more and more people like jewelry, which can not only show their high-end and elegant taste but also have collection value. Outstanding store design, not only leave a good image to consumers, but also conducive to the promotion of jewelry brands.

So how to get the perfect jewelry store design and furniture? Unique Furniture Co., Ltd. will be a good choice for you. We have more than 14 years of experience in making jewelry furniture and have a design team to help you make your dream jewelry store.

Description of the jewelry shop

From the picture, we can know that the colors of the store are mainly dark brown and white. With soft lighting, it looks modern and luxurious. Customers who come in the store can see the jewelry on the round display showcase at first sight. It is a common jewelry shop layout. It includes two circular display showcases, a customer rest area, a cash register counter, and some small display stands and tables. And the shop has enough space for customers to choose jewelry.

Unique window design is also a good way to attract customers into the store. Usually, we will put more noble and delicate jewelry in the window, to get the customer’s attention. In addition, we can also put the preferential jewelry on the side, which can improve the customer’s desire to buy.

The customer rest area is usually set up in the corner or the wall sides, in order not to be disturbed. A good customer lounge area can increase customer satisfaction with your service. So please let us know what you need when we start designing. The display showcase in this jewelry shop is made of wood and tempered glass. In order to highlight the characteristics of jewelry. If you want to open a jewelry shop, just send us your store plan and tell us what you want, and we can start designing. We will show all of your furniture, logo, and ceiling decorations in the 3D design, so you can confirm the details.

Some tips for shop decoration

In the design of the whole shop, the classic axis and symmetrical layout are adopted, combined with elegant spatial tone or geometric lines and elegant and fashionable soft furnishings to create a space style of light luxury.

In color design, the design gives priority to the light color tone, with the dark color to do the ornament. A light color is to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere, while dark embellishment, make the space in harmony and unity and good visual experience, more attractive for the shop.

The luxury style will add the design elements of traditional French style and combine with the shape of a square rectangle and geometric frame to make the whole design more rigid and soft, which is exactly the benefit. such as the decoration of the display cabinet, reception desk, customer rest area, and so on. To make the shop space more hierarchical.

In addition, pay attention to the location of the jewelry store. Opening a store in a crowded place can not only increase the number of people entering the store, but more importantly, highlight the noble image of jewelry, cater to the status of jewelry in the eyes of consumers, and increase the credibility of the store.

Our service

We are directly custom factory, can offer you competitive prices and high-quality jewelry shop furniture. And we had supported many new businesses of furniture products to Australia, USA, UK, CA, etc.

All of our designs are based on commercial use. When you tell us the requirements of your store, we can make a new design according to the style you like. We will confirm the design with you, including modification, to ensure that our design can meet your ideal shop.

Our factory has a number of skilled workers, will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. We ensure that the goods you receive will be exactly the same as the design you have confirmed. We use high standards of materials and provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.


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