6 Key Points Of The Cosmetic Shop Design

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With the continuous development of society, there are more and more beauty shops, and the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. How can I make my beauty shop attract more customers? This is a problem that every cosmetic store owner needs to think about and solve.

The decoration design of the beauty shop will directly affect the operation of the shop. It is necessary to combine the operation characteristics of the shop and design the decoration style exclusive to the beauty shop. Today I will share with you some about the decoration design of cosmetic stores, and let’s have a look together!

6 Key points of cosmetic shop decoration design:

1. Understand the market positioning of the store. At the beginning of the store decoration design, the first thing we need to do is to understand the positioning strategy of the business. And then clear the style of cosmetics stores, development direction, etc., in order to find the positioning. Because only in the direction of the accurate premise, the designer design of the store decoration effect can truly achieve commercial services.

2. Highlight the brand positioning and management concept of cosmetics through store decoration. In order to achieve the purpose of this display effect, fully reflect the concept of brand design. Such as the overall store image, brand LOGO and counter, cash desk display and other details, should reflect the cosmetic store decoration design theme and intention.

3. The cosmetics display cabinets display the overall unity. The design should be reasonable, smooth and have strong guidance. In order to take care of the psychological feelings of consumers, cold and warm collocation should have a sense of rhythm.

  • Create sufficient free and independent choice space for customers. This is to enhance the guiding factors, so that customers can better participate in the in-store sales behavior, and can more implicitly strengthen the sales efforts.
  • The product structure of cosmetics stores should be practical and effective. In order to create an effect atmosphere of cosmetics display, the device structure of cosmetics display case design should fully reflect the auxiliary role of cosmetics product display in actual operation.
  • The cosmetics display booth will be connected with each other’s products together. The products are maintained by series, and the products are displayed in the form of series in the goods area, which will highlight the advantages of the products in the design structure arrangement.

In short, cosmetic store decoration should pay attention to most is the design of its brand image. In the process of store decoration design, the overall style positioning should be consistent with the taste grade of the consumer theme crowd, in order to attract more customers.

What should we pay attention to the cosmetic shop design?

Shape decoration. 

Modeling is an important design to enhance the overall appearance of beauty stores and attract customers. The modeling pattern designed by the beauty shop should conform to the style characteristics and space size of the beauty shop, and the modeling can not be blindly designed, otherwise the beautiful modeling is not practical. For small area beauty shops, the shape can be designed simply, according to the actual design of the shop, small and delicate, for large area beauty shops, the shape can be more, the appropriate shape can be the space design more interesting, more characteristic.

Cosmetics store layout. 

A cosmetics store is composed of a product showcase, cashier, try makeup area and other areas together. We need to make a proper layout of the spatial structure of the store. In the decoration design of cosmetics stores, we should try our best to make reasonable use of space to avoid waste of space. A reasonable layout can not only ensure the reasonable display of goods, but also increase the appearance of cosmetics stores so that the stores look more orderly.

Color matching. 

Beauty stores generally do not pay too much attention to the style of decoration but pay special attention to the shop’s tone collocation. Different decoration will have different colors. Most beauty stores will use cold colors to match. Cold colors are light colors, which can match other commodities to a greater extent and maximize the beauty of the beauty store.

Lighting effects. 

Lighting is the master of creating the atmosphere of the shop, and it is no exception for the beauty shop. Lighting is essential. Reasonable lighting can not only reflect the goods of the makeup shop more beautiful, and attract customers, but also create an atmosphere and increase people’s consumption.

Because the beauty shop itself has many colors, so in the decoration design, the best choice of white lighting, so that it can not only lighting, but also can match any commodity color, so that the goods look more beautiful, so that the shop is more warm and glorious.

The hanging ornaments in the cosmetics store. 

As a soft outfit collocation, jewelry plays an important decorative role in the store, which greatly foil the atmosphere of the store. Want to make cosmetics shops attractive, of course, is not only a simple hanging sample can, but also need sofas, hanging pictures, decorations and many other soft outfit collocation so that consumers can feel a different atmosphere.

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