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Everyone has a love of beauty. More and more women are caring for their nails, and even some high-end places have men’s nail salons. Because of the unique needs of the industry, many investors choose to enter the nail industry. Regardless of the good prospects of the nail industry, opening a nail shop also requires some skills. For example, how to attract customers to purchase? This is what a university asks. If your customers only pass through the front of the store and do not enter the door, then we have to think about how to attract customers to enter the store for consumption. Let’s talk to you today.

Nail shop location

The location of the shop is very important. If you want a nail shop to have a prosperous business. You must check the surrounding business district, choose a place with convenient transportation and more young girls. And make good use of local resource advantages to choose a suitable address to open a shop. The location of the nail salon is where you rent the shop. This requires investors to choose the place to open the nail salon according to their own requirements. It depends on what kind of people we are targeting and the general consumption level. We choose places where the flow of people is relatively concentrated. If it is high-end consumption, we can exist in the form of a studio.

Nail salon design and decoration

After selecting the location of the nail salon, we immediately considered the design and decoration of the nail salon. Currently on the market, in order to provide consumers with a good and comfortable nail art environment. Most nail salons are more exquisite in design and decoration. Of course, this has a lot to do with the investor’s decoration budget. So we must find a company that experienced in nail salon design and decoration to carry out the design and decoration. And achieve the environment we need with the least cost.

Store image of nail salon

According to our understanding, many customers who visit the nail salon are attracted by the store image of the nail salon. Customers pay much attention to the external image of the nail salon. Without a good external image, nail salons can hardly attract enough customers. Our nail shop needs to make the sign of the nail shop so that the pedestrians coming and going can notice. Shop decoration work must be done well. The store decoration of the nail salon must be consistent with the image and style of the nail industry. The setting and layout of each service area must be reasonably distributed, the door ties of the store, the advertisement of the window, the embellishment of each area, etc. All aspects must be coordinated to make the whole shop feel comfortable.

Product display

The products of the nail shop are the products that attract customers the most. So the nail shop should put the products that are most likely to attract customers to the most eye-catching place. Make a good product display cabinet in the nail salon. Put the most popular sales products in the best position. And clearly mark the cheaper products with the price to attract customers who like cheap. When our nail shop has a new product, don’t be stingy, show the effectiveness and price of the new product generously with big labels, and use these more gimmicky things to attract customers.

Promoting event

Publicity is indispensable. If you want to make your store well known, you must spend a small amount of money to promote it in the local media. Promotional activities can constitute one of the main means of attracting customers. General nail salons use advertisements and display racks to attract customers’ attention. This is a more conventional means of promotion.

3D design of the nail salon shop furniture design:

This is a nail salon shop we made for a customer from USA. The customer contacted us and want to make a nail shop design. He sent the floor plan to us. Our designer customize the nail shop furniture with his layout. This shop has many nail bar stations and pedicure area. Also the side have the bar counter for customers to drink some beverage. The shop also have the waiting area, the customer can have a rest here and line up. And the wall display showcase for many nail products. The whole shop style is very modern and high-end.

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