Bright Yellow Nail Kiosk With Arc Shape For Nail Shop Service

When it comes to manicure stores, people will have a concept of a small counter, that is put on some nail polish. Only one side for customers to sit down. And you will think that the nail shop seldom is a alone shop, is usually combined with other services. For example, hair cutting, pedicure, eye brow, and so on.  Now we need to change our original ideas. If you need to expand your shop and mainly focus on one service. Even open branch shop. this kiosk is very suited for you. Now,  I will introduce a special nail shop furniture for you.

A complete nail shop counter layout

You can see the manicure kiosk totally includes three parts.  One is a nail polish display area, another is a cashier counter area, and finally is a working area, working area has two sides, two positions on each side.

nail kiosk


Introduction of the working area

On the customer side, the counter shape is an arc, and the worker side counter is smooth. The countertop material is MDF with white baking paint. UV lamp and tool slot have been reserved on it. At the same time, we were equipped with two same-style chairs on the side.

nail kiosk

The cashier register area and showplace

We can see a cashier machine on the countertop and the counter body has a price list.  When people choose their favorite nail style, they can pay money conveniently. Its material is also MDF. Although it is a smooth and bright appearance, it is not easy to fade. And the painting is environmentally friendly.  At the product showcase, we can see the glass shelving to put nail polish.  You can see the painting light boxes and yellow lighted letter logo on the counter pillar. What’s more, a white poster photo frame is also on the pillar.

nail kiosk


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