White and Gold Style Nail Service Bar Kiosk for Manicure Business Sale

Due to manicure service being so popular, this is a business we can run. But before you start a business, you need various costs and need a nail kiosk or salon kiosk.  We are a retail kiosk manufacturer,  we can recommend the most suitable style for you.

The layout of this nail kiosk

This kiosk includes several parts, the naik-making area, cashier area, pedicure area, washing area, display cabinet area, etc. First, at the display area, we can see the glass display nail polish showcase. Customers can choose their favorite color conveniently and then pay the bit from the side because the cashier counter lies on the side. Second, in the pedicure area, this kiosk is designed with two spaces for you to use. It is for you to make more money by more service.

 nail kiosk


The basic material of this nail kiosk is MDF with baking paint. There are also some accessories, light strip, hardware, water sink, light painting box, tempered glass, and stainless steel.

Production process

We first prepare materials and make the wooden counter according to construction drawings. During this process, we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then, start to polish to make the whole surface smoother. After polishing, we will spray the primer paint, and then bake the paint. After the paint dries, install the accessories, light strips, and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the whole effect.nail kiosk

Order process

Our kiosk is customized, if you have an interest in this style, you can send it to us. First, we need to make a 3d design but need a 300$ design fee. Then, we will send you the design and construction drawing and arrange the manufacture after you pay the 50% deposit. Finally, if you pay the balance, we can arrange shipment.


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