Luxury beauty nail salon shop design manicure table for sale

Now many people prefer to make the beauty nail in a shop otherwise to make themselves. After work off or on the weekend, we can go to a beauty salon store to enjoy our leisure time. Because the main customers of nail salon store are girls or women. That is why when we design for the beauty nail salon shop we need to make it beautiful and lovely. Now let us show you a luxury beauty nail salon shop design.



This beauty nail salon shop is a marble grey color floor that matches the white ceiling and white wall. And the beauty nail salon store furniture is pink, white and golden stainless steel with warm white color Led strip light. This color assortment let the whole beauty salon nail shop look really comfortable and elegant.

Look at the layout of this beauty salon nail shop, the two sides wall are the wall display cabinet. The wall display cabinet is white color and gold stainless steel with warm white led strip light. For another side wall, they are the arc-shaped display showcase with pink, white and gold stainless steel. The material of this wall display showcase is MDF with baking paint and gold stainless steel.


Our design team can make a whole beauty salon store design for you. We can make a customize 3d design with your shop size. For the size of the beauty nail salon shop, you can check with the landlord. Then you can send to us we can make it in the 3d model. We will send the 3d beauty nail salon shop in 3-5 working days. You can check and let us know the comments then we make the changes for you.

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