Pink Manicure Shop Furniture White Nail Table for Sale

cosmetic boothManicure shop furniture is a good place to do nail art service. It makes people look fashionable and can also have a charming look. Recently, many clients go to the manicure shop. I am sure it’s a profitable business to open a manicure shop. Here is a nice white nail table with you.

Introduction of manicure shop

You can do both manicure and pedicure services in the nail shop. It has nail tables, pedicure chairs, and even nail display cabinets to show nail polish for sale. We can see in the design drawing, this nail shop has an L shape display counter, two nail display counters, three pedicure chairs, and a water sink counter.

beuaty salon shop

Reception counter

The reception counter is set near the entrance door so that every client can be served soon. It can have a waiting sofa and chairs, people can wait for a while. The main color is white with gold line decoration. Behind the wall has a large light logo for advertising.

The middle area has an island display counter and cabinets. We can show many polishes here to increase sales, clients can easily pick up before leaving.

barber display

Pedicure chairs

On the opposite side of the reception desk are pedicure chairs. The back wall has a pink color door-style decoration with a gold frame. Each pedicure chair has a round water sink in front for washing. The nail technician can work well and the client feels comfortable.

Nail display table

Two near display tables are set inside the nail shop, it has a total of two display tables. And there is a large mirror on the wall, which makes the room looks bigger. The back wall has wall-mounted cabinets with tempered glass, we can restore nail polish here.

nail shop


The back wall has a long display counter with drawers for storage. The wall has a mirror and wall cabinets to place hand sanitizer, etc. A water sink is set on the counter table for washing hands.

The bathroom is behind the wall, there is a hallway into the toilet. We also attach paint, white lighting acrylic logo to the wall.

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