Modern style nail store beauty salon manicure table nail polish display

Nail salon decoration design can also determine the success of a nail salon business. Most of the people who come to get their nails done are girls. They come to get their nails done after work or on vacation and can also relax. So when we design nail salon store, we need to take these factors into account and try our best to be modern and beautiful.

This is a modern style nail store beauty salon manicure table nail polish display. Nail salons need to determine a style before decoration and design. Let us check this modern style nail salon shop design together.



Decoration style can be said to be the most important thing in nail salon. A nail salon will not limit the style. If it is modern decoration style, you can try to use some classic colors on the tone, using white, black or gold and so on. This nail store is black and white color.

It has many manicure tables with white color. And against the wall of the nail salon, there is the nail polish display shelf and the mirror station. The right side is for the pedicure. This is a functional nail salon design.

On the wall of the nail salon shop has the lighted box, you can put the posters for advertising. The ceiling with many track lamps to light up a whole nail shop.


The lighting design of the nail salon should reflect a sense of hierarchy, which can attract people’s attention and attention. We do not suggest to use a single main light to supply the lighting environment, but to use the main light and set up some auxiliary lighting. Such as wall lamps, lamp belts, floor lamps, spotlights and so on to create a sense of lighting hierarchy.

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