Nail Bar Station & Nail Polish Display Shelf with Factory Price

Welcome to our website, I will introduce the Nail Bar Station & Nail Polish Display Shelf with Factory Price to you. The hand is the second face of the woman. Not only are we protecting our faces, but we also need to protect our nails. Many women love manicure. And the first thing they love is its full range of hand care and peeling.

Nail beauty salon shop design:

This nail beauty store is a lovely style, pink with black and white color. The pink color is one of the favorite color of girls, so this shop will attract many young girls. On the wall of this nail salon shop have many display shelves for the nail polish products. And on the top, it has a pink color neon light logo, very beautiful. On the ceiling of lights, we can install the track lamp and the blue color Led strip light.

It has some nail tables with pink color chairs for the pedicure service. Also, it has a hairdressing station for hair cutting. A white color wall display showcase for the nail polish. This nail polish display showcase with the white color Led strip light. So that it can light up the products to let them look more clearly.


Why open a nail beauty shop?

Some also include nourishing treatment of the entire hand to make the effect of the entire manicure more amazing. Second, nail art can effectively modify unsightly nails. Choosing the right color nail art can visually make the skin of your hands whiter and more delicate. Because it looks good, it also allows you to pay more attention to hand care. The most important thing is that a good-looking manicure can make a woman feel happy.

All in all, women love everything that makes them look better and more beautiful. So when you decide to open the nail shop. You need to attend the decoration. A good decoration means you need to do the perfect design. And we provide the design and produce together. Because we have a professional design team and our own factory.


Please follow with me on how to open the nail salon shop:

Welcome to contact our sales team for your requirement about your nail store. Please get back to us with your favorite shop design and floor plan. If you want another color scheme, we can change it for you.

For the store furniture design, we will charge a 500$ design deposit. But the design deposit will deduce from the total cost when you order.

We will send the 3d rendering to you within 3-5 working days. The design we can change as you like.

After you confirm the final design we will make the construction drawing for your final confirmation.


The installation of the nail shop furniture:

We will send the production pictures and videos to you before we do the packing. After the customer checks everything good, we will pack the furniture. When you open the package, please put the furniture in the shop according to the floor plan. If the display showcase has lights, you can connect to your shop power supply directly. Because we will install all the lights for the nail shop display showcase so that you can use them directly.

If you have any questions about the installation of the nail store furniture, please feel free to contact us. We are the professional customize manufacturer for all commercial furniture. Please welcome to contact us by email at We are very honored to answer your questions and help.




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