Nail art is very common in our lives, and most girls choose nail art. Because nail art will make your hands more beautiful and slender. So now, the nail industry has become more competitive. So what do we need to have when opening a nail salon to attract customers?

Manicure Table

This manicure table is what we often see. There will be a shelf on the side of each nail table to display nail polish and some armor products. The difference between this and our previous nail art table is that this nail art table does not have a cabinet. But it will make the entire nail table look spacious and simple. The main material of this nail table is plywood, and the surface is laminate.

For Color Choose

We are custom manufacturer, and can customize the color as your needs. Different color will have different effect for the whole shop. Before production, we will send you the relevant color for choose. If want baking paint, we will send the Panton color card to you for choose. Our worker will match the suitable color for you. If you choose the laminate, and want wooden color. We also can send some suitable color for you to choose.


Display Stand

Besides the manicure table, the nail shop include the display stands with led light to display the nail polish. We all know that nail polish have different style and function. The customer can choose the nail color by themselves. You can see there are 8 layers to display the nail polish. The bottom of the display  has the light box to make the display stand more bright. The bottom of the display stand have two drawers to storage the nail polish.


Production Process

If you choose the plywood as a material.  There are three steps to produce. First step is to produce the wooden cabinet. The second one is to stick the laminate. The final step is to install the light strip, logo, drawers and locks.

If you choose the MDF as basic material. There are four steps to build. We need to produce the wooden cabinet firstly. We will reserve the sockets place, logo, and electric. Then polish the wooden cabinet surface to make the baking paint easily. Third step is to do 4 primers and baking paint. Final is to install the accessories.


Design time(3-5 working days)production time(22-25 working days)shipping time(it based on which port is near to you)

How can I order the custom nail shop furniture?

We are custom manufacturer, and can customize the whole shop furniture for you. If you start your business firstly and open the new shop. We suggest that we can do a 3d shop design firstly. Then 3d design will show all of your needs like size, color, layout and etc. And you will know the whole effect. If there are any modification, we will assist you modify it to make the design more perfect.

  • Before produce, you need to confirm the 3d design and construction drawings.
  • Arrange the 50% deposit for the production
  • During the production, we will do the quality test in very step.
  • Take the Photos and Videos with you
  • Arrange the balance payment
  • Packed and Shipping

About the Packing

The package include the outer package and inter package. The outside we use MDF to build the wooden box. The interior package, we use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the manicure table or display stands. Then fix it with film. Finally, put the inter package into outer package and nail it.





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