Nail art is very popular in our lives. This also means that there will be more and more nail salons. Competitive pressure is also increasing. How to stand out among so many brands? First of all, we need a good manicurist and good skills to retain customers. Of course, store furniture is also very important, such as nail tables, nail polish display showcase. The style of the entire store is also crucial.

We are a professional manufacturer of commercial furniture, we can customize furniture for you. We have already made furniture for many nail salons. For example, laka, mycolor nail bar station, nail bliss, supreme nails  and etc.

Nail Shop

If you want to open the nail shop, you can contact us to build the shop furniture for you. We have professional design team and can build the custom shop furniture for you.

Next, i will introduce the shop furniture to you.

Nail Bar Station

Nail bar station is a must for a nail shop, but there are many styles of a nail table. The needs of each customer for the nail table are also different.

You can see this one, the supreme nails will has 8 nail bar stations and the bottom of the nail bar station will have the light strip to make the whole shop more bright.

You can see the whole nail bar station is in a line. In general, the nail bar station of the shop will be single and have some distance to do it.

It is another style nail bar tables in the shop.

You can see the nail bar station has two places for customers.  It will make the nail shop more elegant and clean.  The nail bar station has the light for the service, and have cabinet storage for the nail tools.

Shop Design

For a nail shop, it is not only nail bar station, but also has the nail display stands.

You can see the new shop design, it has the nail bar stations, reception desk, the nail display stands, and the rest space for customer. If you have enough space, you also can add the food service area.

Display Stand

Nail art display showcases are generally wall cabinet displays, and some are displayed separately. The type of display showcase is determined according to your own needs and the style of the store. If you like wood-grain display stands, we will customize wood-grain nail polish display cabinets for you. If you like white or other color display cabinets, we can also do it for you. All of the color and type are based on the display stand based on your hobby.

Wooden Style

Baking Paint Style

For the whole display stand, you can see there are light strips. Because the light strip will make the nail polish show the best effect for customers.

In general, our display stand does not have the wheels. But if you need it, we also can add the wheels at the bottom of the display stands.

Manicure Kiosk

If your budget is not enough, you also can find the booth space in the mall. And you can start your business from the kiosk. The fund will be more smaller than opening a shop.

The manicure kiosk include the nail bar tables, display showcase, cashier, logo, and light box. If you want to add your menu, it is also ok. Some of  our customers want to the place to pedicure, and keep the secretly. It is easy things to do, so do not worry.

We are custom manufacturer, and can customize the nail kiosk and shop fixture for you. We will do these with your needs, style, and size. 3D design is our first step, when you confirm the 3d design. We will start to produce. And what we did is exactly the same as the 3d design.Therefore, the 3d design  and construction drawing should be determined before production.


-Share your needs for the kiosk or shop

-We will finish 3d design with your needs

– Assist you  modify the 3d design if you have needs

– Start to produce after confirm the 3d design and drawings

– Quality testing and packed.

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